New Drums = Good


These new drums came in the mail today. It was Christmas in July. Can’t beat the sparkly, mahogany goodness from DW. This might possibly be my most favorite kit I own…time will tell.

more pics here.


9 thoughts on “New Drums = Good

  1. Awesome. Do you keep all your old pieces as a kind of sound library for recording, or do they eventually find their way to ebay?!

  2. hey zach——— very nice…. i used to have a Ludwig silver sparkle. I love the sparkle sets. They make me tingle. If I ever get another drum set it will be silver sprakle again.

  3. hey zach, i heard about the sandstorm in arizona. as you are from this area, i immediately thought about you. well i hope everything is alright.


  4. The new kit looks awesome. They sounded great too at your show in Minneapolis, especially when you started playing Beautiful People. I think you guys need to work that into your set somehow.


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