Mark Driscoll: A Warrior Kickin’ Ass for Jesus

This video clip was posted on Mark Driscoll’s blog and it’s actually pretty funny…for all the wrong reasons. This may be a nitpick on my part (and I am a musician so cut me some slack) you gotta give it up to whoever came up with the music. It’s such a beautifully bad version of a drunk Metallica cover band…awesome. And it just gets worse…..or….i mean if you are a bad-ass warrior for Jesus….it gets totally more kick ass! In addition to the music, it’s interesting that, as Bill Hybells pointed out, judging by this video clip, women are strangely not welcome in the effort to plant churches (especially if you are a tambourine player). Judging by Driscoll’s attitude towards women in this video, they seem to only be side notes in the “war” of church planting. And can someone please clue me in on how having sex with your wife “at least once a day” is in any way relevant to being a church planter? Bizarre. I thought only Wednesday night was the night to make love? (Conditions are perfect…..) And is it me or is repeatedly referencing a “body count” while walking amongst the graves of fallen soldiers a little thoughtless?

I guess if they can get past the machismo, bad music, and the non-stop war metaphors (soldier, body count, war, boot camp, battle, hold your ground, fight, etc…), then this video will work wonders for all the wimpy chair-folding, church planting chumps out there. šŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll: A Warrior Kickin’ Ass for Jesus

  1. This got me pretty psyched. Mark should look into planting a church in the old BALCO building in San Francisco. Think about it. We could all bulk up and become real men of physique and drive around in F-550s, then roam the streets of San Fran to tell all the drug addicts, hippies, unchurched, girly-men, ladies with tambourines, guys with rapture charts, and homosexuals how God doesn’t want them in his church.

    Now, how do I get Mark’s attention so I can give him my plan? Oh yeah. I’ll just start bangin’ my girlfriend (after Mark tells me how), blowin’ my money, stayin’ up to play WoW, finding free porn (because paying for it is just too righteous), and trying to figure out how to get a bigger subwoofer into my retarded car. Mark would LOVE to have me in his church then!

    It’s funny how Mark is so willing to look past sin when there is the appearance of macho, yet is so quick to judge with a ‘lack thereof’.

    What a joke.

  2. Okay as a man in my 20’s I have learned I must immediately marry my girlfriend so I can have sex with her every day (including Tuesday nights when we’re at her mothers), I must upgrade my ‘retarted’ car and start paying for internet pornography. Then will I be saved? I don’t think her mum’s going to be happy.

  3. The sad thing about what he’s saying is that people believe it. Really. I suspect many women believe these lies about themselves as well.
    There are many who sit in his pews and read his books, and who look the other way when he says these things.
    If people didn’t believe it, he’d be out of a pulpit.
    I read an amazing book by Sarah Sumner recently called Men and Women in the Church and it blew my mind. I recommend it.

  4. Wow, now I know who my former senior minister in Arizona idolizes…this is the kind of crap that he talked about all the time. I’m not sure he ever called Jesus as a gay man in a long dress, but the whole man’s man thing…yeah, I pretty much hate it.

    I’ve liked Driscoll’s books, but the crap he puts on his blog, in both (cue music – duh duh duh) video and (duh duh duh) written form really turns me off.

  5. yeah, but driscoll got away with some not so tactful stuff in his last book.

    i saw this video a while ago, and watching it again makes me want to puke. in his defense (well, sort of), driscoll isn’t saying that women have NO place in church planting. he’s saying that they shouldn’t be “the ox” or “the dude” (i.e. the lead planter/pastor).

    i disagree with him on this issue and think that women can hold any ecclesiastical office, but i’m just trying to be fair to him. aside from that small point, i think this video is sickening and really pisses me off.

  6. fair enough sean….your defense maybe technically correct but after watching that video, i truly wonder what Driscoll sees as a proper role for women in church planting. does it go beyond back-up singer or nursery worker?

  7. i think that there are many acts 29 churches that allow women to teach classes, lead worship, and essentially do everything except technically be called “elder.” i know that mars hill itself allows women to be deacons, or rather deaconesses.

    but i agree with you, zach. when i see the video, it seems way too misogynistic. i’m thinking that maybe the video was originally intended for acts 29 church planting events and what not. meaning that only “the oxen” or “the dudes” would be seeing it. and that, when viewed in a different context, it takes on a life of its own.

    that doesn’t make the video ok, though. in fact, it makes driscoll even more irresponsible if this is the case. the dude should know better after all the shit he’s kicked up. but he never learns…or doesn’t want to learn, maybe.

    now that he’s all the time hanging out with john piper, d.a. carson, and mark dever, i think it’s only a matter of time before they pressure him to tone down his vitriolic rhetoric. or maybe that’ll backfire, and it’ll get worse.

  8. also, while i’m an egalitarian, i don’t think that driscoll’s problem is necessarily not letting women be pastors. i think he’s wrong on the point, but each church tradition has the right to set certain (but not just any) normative ecclesial rules.

    i think his biggest error comes in associating egalitarians with liberal feminists. whenever he sees a female pastor (even if she’s the most orthodox, compassionate, possibly even reformed person), his first words are “feminist! liberal!”

    essentially, he doesn’t want to have any friends that look/think any differently than he does. that’s bull.

  9. To all the haters out there…..

    Let’s take it easy on driscoll. He is doing a great work in Seatle. God is blessing the ministry there. I think the reason he’s so big on male involvement is because in seatle men are the most likely persons not to go to church (especially in their 20’s).

    Be careful with whom you slander against.

    I am a driscoll fan as well as a rob bell fan. I have honest questions for both pastors, but there is no way i would ever slander a man who is God fearing and striving to interpret Scripture the best he can.

    that’s all i’ve got for now.

    love wins (pun intended)

  10. I am not hating here Ben, I’m simply disagreeing with Driscoll. I’m also asking questions that never seem to get answered. What DOES having sex with your wife at least once a day have to do with being a good church planter?

    I fail to see how I’ve slandered him at all. But I find it a bit ironic that a Driscoll defender would call people out for slandering. Try Googling some of his quotes about mainline churches or female church leadership in the Episcopal Church and try to avoid his verbal bunker busters. If I were to slander Driscoll, I’d simply be fighting fire with fire.

    I am not trying to be unfair here and if I have, then I apologize. (Ok, maybe i was a bit unfair about the music…:-))

  11. I know several people that are fans of Driscoll and they have picked up his horrible anti-feminine and gay-bashing talk. They too have made a connection between following Jesus and favoring violence and testoterone filled dogma. It is sick! Jesus would have no part of that (even if he was a hippie).

  12. If the bible says women shouldn’t hold positions of authority in church, why would you want women planting churches? If it’s the bible you don’t agree with why planting a church? Why not plant a secular club that has nothing to do with the bible?

  13. Jeff,

    Paul was writing in regards to Ephesus when he said that women should learn in silence. At the time women were not educated and were, in fact, not qualified to teach.

    Paul acknowledges his female counterparts on several different occasions throughout his writings (ie Romans 16).

  14. After reading a great deal of his literature, a lot of blogs, seeing his video’s, reading his fellow pastor’s blogs, and hearing out his allies and enemies, I’ve decided I cannot accept this gospel and have left organized church all together. People ask me why I left organized Christianity? I left because of Mark Driscoll and the anti-“chick” backlash he has fueled.

    I don’t want Driscoll’s violent Jesus and his porno loving disciples and miles and miles of misogyny. But it is no loss, after all in the chick-i-fied church rant Driscoll says if you don’t have the young men you have nothing.

    The wide spread acceptance of him by the reformed orthodox leadership, such as Piper, was the final straw. They do it because supposedly he is turning Seattle on his ear–I’m from Seattle and read the alternative newspapers. They think he is a woman hating cult leader and are not impressed.

  15. the music on the video is from an old band called Frodus. they were very good and in no way sounded like a bad metallica.

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