Third Way Faith Podcast

I am very happy to announce that I am now the official host of Shane Hipps’ podcast “Third Way Faith” that is broadcast through the Wired Parish Network. This has far and away been the podcast that I’ve looked forward too the most every week since it started about a year ago so it’s very cool for me to be able to host it. Shane is not only the pastor of our church, but he’s a great friend who’s insight never ceases to challenge me and my family in life giving ways.

Unfortunately this podcast, unlike most, is not free but I must say it is very much worth it (and I don’t make a dime on this so I’m not just saying that to line my pockets.) If you subscribe to Wired Parish you also gain access to all of their other podcasts featuring great thinkers such as Brian McLaren, Reggie McNeal and Leonard Sweet….just to name a few. If you’ve heard Shane speak or have read his book, I don’t have to convince you that he has an incredible amount of insight and wisdom to share.

By the way, this doesn’t mean the death of Theohacks. I’m just waiting for John Chandler to return all my emails, letters, phone calls, and smoke signals…….


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