We Are the World (That God Hates)

I’m not sure what to say here. I’m sure Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie have to be super bummed. Maybe next time they can get Quincy in there to help them with some of those harmonies.

(HT: Andrew Sullivan)

(Update: Click here to cleanse your palette…..M.J. is the man!)


8 thoughts on “We Are the World (That God Hates)

  1. If I had just one question for Fred Phelps… I’d struggle. BUT I’d like to ask him at least one of the following:

    “Love thy neighbour” – Biblical typeo?

    Jesus did not preach that God hates everyone, indeed he did not placard people to this effect at every possible opportunity. Why? Does God hate Jesus? Perhaps he is the greatest of all heretics, since he claimed to be at the very least closely linked to God and still wanted to spread a message of love?

    Indeed have you read past the half way stage in the Bible? Cos the New Testament seems pretty keen on forgiveness and love as topics.

    Since the Bible is largely mortal man’s interpretation of something divine, it did not appear by itself or solely God’s will, is it possible that it is a tad unwise to live your life governed entirely by the harshest prophecies of people over 2,000 years ago who were very poorly educated on the world around them. What if they’re wrong?

  2. in the last 7 seconds of that song, i realized my mouth was open and my jaw was hanging. i dont have the words. i know they think they are helping, but if God HATES sinners, why would he give a rip about what happens to us? poor logic? now, if God loves sinners, then i could see why he would call us to repentance. just taking a stab at my best interpretation of Romans 5:8.

  3. I was watching in shock, but then I watched the Michael Jackson video and I was utterly amazed. That voice doesn’t even seem real it’s so good. Like butta!! That did make me feel better.

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