A Little Goes a Long Way


A while back Justin Narducci blogged about Kiva.org. Kiva is an online micro-finance website that allows anyone with a web connection to become a lender to micro-business entrepreneurs in developing countries. It’s a fantastic idea and it’s actually working. Since Kiva has begun, there have been zero loan defaults and the benefits of these loans are having significant results for the small business owners and also their communities as a whole.

On the most recent episode of Frontline/World on PBS is a story that documents the success of Kiva. It covers the story from both the lender and borrower’s perspective and also gives us a good look at how the organization was started and how it operates. The most compelling aspect of the way Kiva is set up is that the lender and the borrower can correspond online and develop a much more personal connection.

Click here to watch “Uganda: A Little Goes a Long Way”.
Click here to check out Kiva.org and become a lender.
Click here to subscribe to the Kiva.org podcast.
Click here to order Muhammad Yunus’s book “Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty”


One thought on “A Little Goes a Long Way

  1. i talked to a few people in uganda about micro-finance when i was there this month. it’s quite interesting to hear their perspectives on how it is changing their country and they production.

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