Albert Mohler responds to Coulter’s bigotry

It’s nice to see such a prominent member of the conservative religious movement denounce Coulter’s hate speech aimed at homosexuals. Hopefully other religious conservatives will follow Mohler’s lead.


4 thoughts on “Albert Mohler responds to Coulter’s bigotry

  1. Whether you politically agree with Coulter or not, we all should be above name calling and marginalizing entire people groups. For her to act as if her comments were just a joke is not only insensitive, but arrogant. In one comment she not only successfully insulted Edwards, but also reinforced the stereotype of the hateful, judgmental, and bigoted Christian. Sometimes it kills me to think that I am painted with the same brush as Anne Coulter and Fred Phelps, just because I too follow Jesus.

  2. It bothers me that Anne the man Coulter is allowed to speak. I think allowing her on TV is the medias way of saying…’look, the whole right wing is a bunch of morons, and she is their leader!’

  3. Growing up a Christian, and a smart, short kid, I was always used to namecalling and getting picked on by bullies. It troubles me to grow up and see leaders of the supposed “Christian right” who so closely resemble those bullies and use the same words they did. A lot of people pretend to be Christian for political gain. Others might actually think they’re Christian, but if they act like this…

    Jesus said some people will call him “Lord, Lord” and he’s going to say, “Depart from me, I never knew you.”

  4. man, when i was at southern, i rarely heard mohler say anything i agreed with (aside from an ocassional theological statement). good to see he’s at least not willing to have namecalling this malicious taking place.

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