If only……

……there was one single award so big that we could give it to the best song, band, website, and movie of each year. It would be like a grammy and an oscar all rolled into one and then some. We could only award it to one person or group per year. I’ve never really felt this was a necessity until I experienced the genius of Evening Service. Evening Service has it all; the great song, movie, website, and life-changing message. Once you’ve received the gift of Evening Service, it pretty much eliminates your need for any other kind of art experience for the rest of the year. It is THAT good!

First we have to start with their song and video for their song “The Bible Says”. The look, the powerful vocals, the costume design, the lighting, the mustache, the real-life “in the studio” vibe….it has it all. I think the Academy Awards might want to reconsider their most recent nominations because if this isn’t powerful cinema, then I don’t know what is.

Then we have to consider their incredible website where we learn not only about Evening Service’s much needed message about how God hates homosexuals, but we also come to know about lots of other bands and whether or not they are a “safe” band or a “gay” band. For instance, Cindi Lauper’s “Time After Time” isn’t gay but somehow Nickleback and Motorhead are both “gay” (you have to read these lists). All I can say is that I’m so grateful for this information because how else would we be able to distinguish between safe and gay music without the expertise of someone who used to be gay! I’ll have to wait to see where Mr. Davies lands on whether Morissey is REALLY gay or not. Right now he has him on the “gay” list, but is “questionable”. But at least I can have some clarity on Elton John because on this gay list he’s considered “really gay”. I guess no more “Rocket Man” or “Your Song”.

Anyway, please do yourself the favor and take a moment to just soak in the genius of Evening Service. You’ll be so glad you did.


13 thoughts on “If only……

  1. Please tell me this guy is a joke…
    I don’t know what’s worse, someone doing this to mock christians who think this stuff or someone actually thinking this stuff! I just can’t believe this is real.

  2. There’s a pretty healthy online debate as to whether this guy is for real or not. If it is a hoax though, that’s a whole lot of work and money for a hoax. The video and website alone took quite a few bucks and some serious time to put together.

    The whole thing just turns my stomach.

  3. Where do you find this stuff? This guy has issues.
    I think the weirdest part is the quote from Oscar Wilde on his website. It seemed so out of place.

  4. i’m convinced this is fake. even if someone proved it real i’ll still believe it’s fake. i refuse to believe that someone would do this.

    that’s a pretty sweet moustache though.

  5. Wow.

    He is certainly not the first to suggest to me that Nickleback are gay, but perhaps the first to imply that they are actually homosexual.

    No judgement for JEW? I say you guys blatantly love the c*ck. 😉

    I love the fact I just said to the drummer in one of my favourite bands, pahaha!

    Btw if you are interested in Morrisey I read a great interview in Mojo recently, and I’d say it left his sexuality far from ambiguous.

  6. My vote is hoax. What else explains that subtle pink short sleeved out like the gay 80’s shirt and the Freddie Mercury lip shade?

    If it’s for real, however, I hope he soon finds SNL’s Stuart Smalley Ministries. That guy was really on to something.

    As for Michael W., I think he made it clear that he loves Bush.

  7. Wow, not sure what to say. Either way, it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    I’m at Sundance and just saw the premiere’s of two movies that deal very directly with homosexuality and the church. Save Me, a drama with Chad Allen and For the Bible Tells Me So, a documentary about what scripture has to say about it, told through the stories of christian parents with gay children. I think both of these are must see’s,

  8. there is absolutely no way that song/website/band is real and/or serious. The guy’s got ‘parody’ written all over his face while he’s singing.

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