While we anticipate the Presidents new Iraq Strategy that he will unveil tonight, I point you to a post by Fred at Slacktivist. His well-articulated thoughts on the subject are, as always, powerful and compelling.

As for what we will hear tonight, more troops will be sent into harms way, more troops who are already serving in Iraq will have their tours of duty extended, more billions will be spent. All this in order to “win”. We will hear about this new plan through the same teeth we heard the words “Mission Accomplished” in 2003. It is difficult to accept a new direction from leadership that has not been rooted in reality. It is difficult to accept a new direction that flies in the face of the recommendations made by of the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff and the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.


2 thoughts on “Surge

  1. It is tough to ‘win’ when victory has not been defined. I don’t even know what the goal is anymore. A free Iraq? A military presence in the middle east to act a deterrent to Iran & Syria?

    The only think I do know right now is that if we leave, we will be leaving a country in civil war with the likelyhood of a taliban type regime to come into power which will mean at some point, we will be back.

    If this troop surge is truly a 6 month deal, then I am ok with one more shot. I don’t mean the ‘one more shot’ like what the government does with Amtrak ever 4 years, I mean you tell the Iraqi people, we are going to surge, try to clean up some of the mess we made, and at that point…you need to take over.

  2. My problem here is that he’s not really done anything either way, the ‘surge’ is actually just reintroducing the number of troups that were there back in ’05. He’s not made a move towards forcing the issue or leaving it to the Iraqis. I presume he wants to force the issue but has his hands tied with the new Democratic Congress reluctant to grant massive funding and the already stretched available resources.

    I have no answers though, and perhaps waiting and seeing is the best way to go from here, since no clear solution is at hand. More deaths are now inevitable with whichever course of action that’s taken, its which way to go to minimise them

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