Ruby Lu


Ruby Lu is our newest addition. She’s six weeks old and probably the best Golden Retriever ever. I’m sure my flickr page will be overflowing with her magnificent likeness.


7 thoughts on “Ruby Lu

  1. i’m hoping to get a golden retriever when i move to seattle for school this fall. most of the stores in that city have dog bowls in the stores because so many people have dogs.

    that’s the kind of place i want to go to grad school.

  2. one of my favorite types of dogs! beautiful little thing. ruby is a good name 🙂 i named our last family dog ruby, she was a rhodesian ridgeback, another great dog if you’ve never heard of it (many haven’t)

  3. Hey Zach, I am up at the conference here at Mars Hill this week. Rumor had it you wanted to come. I wish you could have it would have been nice to see you.

    Hope all is well….

    You dog pictures are quite dynamic.

  4. yeah, i was tossing around the idea of going to that, but in the end, i wasn’t able to make it. it would be have been fun. i hope you had a great time.

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