It’s a very sad day for my family as we had to say good-bye to our dog of thirteen years, Rita. She was an amazing animal who never wavered in her loyalty and friendly companionship. I can remember the day that Rita joined our family. It was 1993 and I was a bag boy at the Bashas’ grocery store on Mckellips and University in Mesa. There was a lady just outside the store giving away a litter of puppies, all crammed in a small box. Rita, at the time, was just two weeks old and obviously unloved and malnourished. Despite her rough start, she grew to be an incredible dog who provided our family with much joy and friendship.

I will always remember how she always waited by the front door for me to come home from being out at night with my friends. I will always remember how she would put her paw up on my leg as I would pet her. I will always remember her spotted tongue.

She was an amazing dog and will be dearly missed. Click here to view some recent photos of Rita.


10 thoughts on “Rita

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  2. Zach~ I am so sad to hear of Rita. She was a great dog. I have fond memories of the times she stayed with us, sitting on the top step of the pool all day. I’ll miss her but look forward to meeting Ruby Lu.

  3. We had a Chow/Shapee mix when we lived in Tempe, rescued her from a shelter in Sedona. She was such a great dog. Sadly she died a couple years ago. I still miss her to this day.

    Remember Rita fondly.

    When Cleo passed away, I put together a photobook of her…it really helped.

  4. Zach,
    Very sorry to hear about Rita. She was the best dog and sure taught Sydney how to be a good dog. She was the best dog to ever come from a box at Bashas’. She will definitely be missed.

    Good luck in Europe. Hope to see you again soon. We live out at Red Mountain let me know if you want to go MTN biking. I go every Saturday Morning with a bunch of guys from our Church.

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