God Laughs and Plays, Entry #3

This is an excerpt from the second chapter of David James Duncan’s book “God Laughs and Plays”:

Why must the Creation enter into the human relationship with God?

Because theologies are man-made, whereas humans and Creation are not. Revelation is a gift, and the body and Creation are gifts, and each helps us unwrap and cherished the other. Without the Creation-gift to inspire and true us, human belief becomes mere human projection.

The Armageddonist’s rejection of the world-as-gift is such a projection: an obsession with the “End Days” is surrender not to God but to men with exaggerated reverence for their own fragmented understanding of holy writ.

We need God in order to love and care for this world, and we need this world to true our love for God. William Blake understood this. Seated, in his old age, beside a little girl at a dinner party, Blake leaned down to her, smiled, and said, “May God make this world as beautiful to you as it has been to me.”

We don’t know this today because William Blake related it. We know it because Blake’s spontaneous words made the world suddenly beautiful to the little girl, and she remembered and recounted his words for the rest of her life.

To every Armageddonist, every earth lover must keep saying with all the sincerity and affection we can muster: “May God make this world as beautiful to you as it has been to me.”


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