B of A covers “One”

This dude is so bummed this was filmed. How did he not realize this would be a very bad idea? Anyway, at least we can enjoy it as his expense. Thank God for corporate suck-ups.


10 thoughts on “B of A covers “One”

  1. Wow, ‘we’re gonna make lotsa money’, creepy as hell. But you have to say he sings well. Collaboration Zach? I could definitely see him doing back ups on Big Casino 😉 Pitch it to Jim 🙂

  2. You gotta give one thing to the guy… he brings it with passion! Yeah, “we’re gonna make lotsa money” is indeed creepy as hell. Thanks again for bringing us the best of entertainment, just to brighten our day, Zach. You are da man.

  3. I know the point of viral marketing is to have this stuff seen by lots and lots of people…do you think maybe they wish they could get this cat back in the bag?

    worst line: Is NASCAR more your speed?

    my brain shut off for about 3 minutes after watching this.

    Maybe they can cover the middle next 🙂

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