I voted….the wait begins

Today I voted at our local elementary school and it was a very easy, efficient, enjoyable process. It took me about 10 minutes to get in and out. It was great to use paper ballots and I’m very grateful that Arizona hasn’t gone the way of electronic voting machines. I’m typically very accepting of the use of technology, but electronic voting machines creep me out.

Now the my votes have been cast, it will be exciting to see what happens. One race I’m really interested in is for the House of Representatives seat in District 5 between Harry Mitchell and J.D. Haworth. If there is a race between two candidates that could be considered “good” versus “evil”, this race would be it. Not that J.D. Haworth is nothing but a bad guy and a crook, but he’s certianly become a partisan bully and has taken money from Jack Abramoff. The Arizona Republic wrote an amazing endorsement of Mitchell that outlines much of the differences between these two candidates. Even though I don’t live in District 5, Harry Mitchell’s campaign was the only one that I actively supported. He has a real shot at winning this election, but Arizona is a very conservative state. It’s not going to be easy.

On a side note, I accidentally voted against prop 107 so I think just helped destroy marriage. Bummer.

Happy Voting! Go Harry!


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