Arizona Prop 200

I’m getting pretty pumped up for the upcoming elections next week. In my excitement I began looking over some of the propositions that are on the ballot and Prop 200 caught my eye. If it passes, it will award one random voter in future elections the prize of $1,000,000 in order to create an “incentive” to get off their ass and vote. I have to admit I think this is completely ridiculous . I envisioned all those in our nation’s history who struggled terribly for the right to vote spinning rapidly in their graves.

But wait, it gets even better. I looked a little deeper into what the proposition is all about and I came across the “Argument For Prop 200” written by Mark Osterloh who is the Chairman for Arizonans for Voter Rewards in Tucson. Apparently, if you don’t vote for prop 200, then God disagrees with you. He writes:

Some criticize “Voter Rewards” as being morally wrong. If that might be the case, we should look to the ultimate authority on morals and ethics. What does God say? Do what you are supposed to do and I will REWARD you with eternal life in heaven. What are we saying? Do what you are supposed to do, vote, and we will REWARD you with a chance to win a million dollars. If incentives are good enough for God, they are good enough for the voters of Arizona!

Wow. And I thought Stephen Baldwin’s prostitution of the transactional gospel was bad! Unreal.

In short, vote no on prop 200 so we can get Mr. Osterloh to be quiet. If any of you AZ folks need anymore help on who and what to vote for, send me an email and I’ll send you my cheat sheet. 😉


2 thoughts on “Arizona Prop 200

  1. We have created a monster with our transactional economy. Every act is seen through the filter of what will we get out of it. Is this guy serious though? I think I saw him on the daily show, but had no idea it would actually make it on the actual ballot!

  2. You have to love living in a state where your vote actually matters.

    Since moving to MA, mine has not…although this year we get to try to vote to get Wine in grocery stores!

    We are soooo 20 years ago 🙂

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