Fantasy Congress


As we ramp up to the November elections, it’s the perfect time for me to hype my newly established Fantasy Congress league. If you played in any kind of fantasy sports league, it operates very much in the same way. You draft your team of members from both the house and senate and the more legistlation your team puts through, the more points you score. Whether you’re a political novice or a junkie, it’s fun for all.

If you want to join my league, sign up on the Fantasy Congress site and then click here for my leagues homepage. If this link doesn’t work, try searching for the league name, “The Imminent League of Threats”.

One thought on “Fantasy Congress

  1. awesomely ridiculous… I just spent my last hour picking my team, using a complex system of “i’ve heard of them before” and “they seem to have a lot of points”. Get ready to be legislatively annihilated.

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