Stay the Course?

I usually detest political t.v. ads from both sides of the aisle, but this one is strong. It clearly shows that the Bush administration seems to forget that when they talk, people listen, cameras are in “record” and that notes are taken. The dishonesty is simply incredible. The insulting of the intelligence of the American people is detestable. 2008 cannot come fast enough.


3 thoughts on “Stay the Course?

  1. Deeply worrying, yet unsurprising. You see that documentary on Fox news where they point out trends and catch phrases like that? e.g when they decided that Kerry ‘looked French’.

    Again I’d like to ask, regardless of your reservations about invading, it happened, what would you like to see from here?

    All out evacuation would be a terrible thing to do in my view. This leaves us in a situation where we’ve invaded a country stirred up a load of hatred against our countries popped the lid on a boiling civil war and then pissed off home cos it all got a bit angry.

    I think the current climate calls for staying (the course ;)) there until an Iraqi force, be it military or civilian police force, can contain the violence unassisted.

    Personally I don’t see why there is such reluctance from the Iraqi, US and UK governments towards the idea of splitting it into three states, after all this sounds like the classic ‘self determination’. If this system will stem the violence then it sounds a good idea to me. I understand there will be complications, I seem to remember the oil/financial divide may be somewhat unfair, but surely it should be discussed as a genuine option if feasible and, if appropriate, put to a vote.

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