Only Joel Osteen could…….

hgg-6342.jpg…..bring me to actually agree with the Slice of Laodicea blog. I think this new addition to the “Your Best Life Now” franchise should be renamed “The Bible Study Killer”. I dare anyone who is in a “small group” to bust this out for your next “fun/activity” night. Whoever doesn’t win will obviously have a shitty life (and will probably end up going to hell afterwards).

Now that I come to think of it, this game may not be all bad. I’m sure there is a way to make a drinking game out of it.


7 thoughts on “Only Joel Osteen could…….

  1. After a fun filled evening with Joel, you can go kill some people…er…I mean…save some souls…while playing Eternal Forces from Left Behind Games. Hey…they’ll be on the shelf together at your local Christian bookseller! 😉

  2. Oh man, check out the instructions. As if the idea doesn’t conjure up gobs of cheese, the actual game is a giant cheeseball.

    Winning the Game
    The first player to move to “Tomorrow” wins. The winner then opens the My Miracle envelope and reads aloud the goals and
    promises of all players. The other players must now help the winner reach his/her goal by fulfilling their promises to live YOUR Best Life NOW!

    Screw that, I’ll watch football.

  3. i think part of me just died a little.

    my smarmy inner cynic wants to go high-five someone for the over-the-top ridiculousness of such a thing. i mean, this sounds like something you’d read about in the onion. i am a very good consumer and have a very high tolerance for cross-promotional marketing (leather-bound purpose-driven daily task notepad? sign me up!) and christian kitsch (i think testamints actually taste pretty good), but this a little much even for me.

    it is troubling, and more than a little surreal, to walk into the local christian bookstore and be greeted by twenty or thirty smiling joel osteens – as his book is usually the first one on display, in mass quantities no less. even more troubling is the fact that many dedicated christians seem to be unable to discern just how far off the mark his message can be.

    i think this fantasy church league would provide much more entertainment value –


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