Slice of Psychosis

churchlady1.jpg A while back in an earlier post of mine, I linked to the “Slice of Laodicia” website and it’s commentary on the band I play in. It was pretty funny and also a big relief that the author doesn’t like my band. I would be much more troubled if she had a positive reaction to anything I’m associated with.

Anyway, Adam over at Pomomusings has posted an audio clip of this woman on her radio show talking about how African-American Gospel music is “trash”. The lady is pretty classy. It’s worth heading over to Adam’s blog and check it out. She is truly the real-life inspiration of Dana Carvey’s character “Church Lady”.

Unreal…..she actually looks like the Church Lady….



6 thoughts on “Slice of Psychosis

  1. Zach, i love how humble you are. “the band i play in…” i am happy to have a cyber-friend who plays down some of the things that others would boast about.

    RE: the church lady, you should be glad that she isn’t cracked up about your little band.

  2. i guess it’s a privelege to be featured on the blog. but i would get worried if they changed the name of slice of laodicea to slice of smyrna.

    yeah, that was a lot funnier in my head.

  3. Zach,
    That is a crazy quote no doubt but this guy is asking for attention. He said himself he does it to get a rise out of people. There is nothing good coming from the entire situation. What good could possibly come from people trying to defend smoking pot on websites typically devoted to the progress of legit spiritual movement. (I know he wasn’t smoking pot)
    Even though drinking is no sin I wouldn’t want “the banner” of my faith portrayed that way.

  4. Randy, I know Adam personally and I think he’s a great guy. I think a lot of people take his blog a little too seriously at times and over react to some of what he posts.

  5. Whoah. Never know what she looked like before. I got banned from commenting on her site once. Seems some facts I presented in my argument ran counter to her clan’s collective hive consciousness. Oh well.

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