“Whatever it takes”


A few nights ago, my wife and I went to see the newly released movie “The Last Kiss” starring Zach Braff. While I would probably give the entire movie an ok rating, it’s worth seeing for one scene. The scene is between Zach Braff’s character who has found himself in extreme relational hardships with his pregnant girlfriend and Tom Wilkinson’s character who is the father of the girlfriend.

Braff is looking to Wilkinson’s character for some kind of guidance and support. Wilkinson’s character, who has had his own marrital challenges in his 30-year marriage, tell’s Braff exactly what he need’s to do. “There is one thing you need to do,” says the Dad, “whatever it takes.” In a movie filled with relational confusion and uncertainty, this scene and more specifically, this one line, provides a clarity that by this point in the film is greatly needed. To “do whatever it takes” is not an easy challenge but it serves as an open invitiation to make our relationships with those closest to us of paramount importance. It forces us to consider a scenario where it’s “not about us”. It places the relationship above the priority of what’s “in it for us”. Although it’s a very simply suggestion, It’s a line I will never forget and because of it, my perspective on relationships has been changed for the better.


One thought on ““Whatever it takes”

  1. wow, that’s awesome that it had such an effect on you. this was my favorite scene as well. i also loved the scenes after it when he’s on the doorstep.

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