Pharisees are us

John Ortberg, pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in northern California, has written a great article at the Christian Century website. It’s very much worth your time to check out. Money quote:

There is a self-righteousness in me that does not want to die. There is something inside me that is not bothered when others are excluded, that wants others to be excluded, that feels more special when I’m on the inside and somebody else is not. There was something in me—even when I was young—that enjoyed looking at the flannelgraph and thinking about how much wiser and more loved by God I was than those foolish, exclusive Pharisees.


3 thoughts on “Pharisees are us

  1. This is a very real ongoing temptation for all of us isn’t it? I’ve seen pride that “we” are not “them” in nearly ever class and heard of it in countries and civilizations around the world. Sadly, this is one struggle we seem to share.

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