Limbaugh Handicaps Survivor


We can always count on Rush Limbaugh to bring us the most thoughtful commentary on the issues of our day. Check out this video and witness another shining example of his brilliance. The idea that African-Americans can’t swim seems to be a popular talking point with Republicans these days. Watching this video of Limbaugh scares me because I can see many conversations about Survivor around the office water cooler sounding a lot like this.

(HT: Media Matters)


3 thoughts on “Limbaugh Handicaps Survivor

  1. Apperantly GMC didn’t think the race tribe issue was such a hot idea either. Reports are out that they pulled their sponsorship. Guess no one gets to win the consolation gas guzzler days before they’re voted off…

  2. I really think that Rush Limbaugh was trying to be funny here. The sad part is, though, he’s stuck his foot in his mouth too many times before, and now there’s just no way that this kind of humor can work for him. He should’ve at least been bright enough to see that.

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