14 thoughts on “Name That Caption: 7-28-06

  1. Matt, that’s an interesting article at the NY Times. I feel very strongly about this topic, but will resist the temptation to pontificate about it here, since this is Zach’s blog. I would be interested in hearing his take on it, though.

    I can’t resist, however, mentioning the most vulgar part of the video: the advert incorporating the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” into a Credit Card promotion. I’m sure this is exactly what they had in mind for the song.

  2. ok so what we got here is this season’s idol finalists: We got yer Commercial jingle guy, and oh wait…who let Star Jones in here!!!

  3. “Can you guys sing the National Anthem, ‘God Bless America’?”


    “Bush has his hands full of visiting Idols”
    (think about it.)


    “Bush selects future Iraqi government”

  4. “the president smiles and wonders who the heck he is taking his picture with.”

    “the president is greatful for another american idol with his same hair color.”

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