Culture of Life?

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll say it again, Fred Clark at is one of my favorite bloggers. It is a common occurence when I start to work on a blog post and visit Fred’s blog and realize he’s said what I wanted to say but much more eloquently and effectively. He’s done it again with regards to my thoughts on Bush’s veto of bill that would fund stem cell research. You can read two of his posts on the subject here and here.

I echo Fred’s thoughts and I wonder when the policy of the “culture of life” that’s coming from the Bush administration and the Religious Right will actually start to make sense. Also, I wonder when it will start showing itself in foreign policy as well as domestic. President Bush says that our Federal governement should not fund the murder of human life. I totally agree. Let’s make a deal George. If you refuse to fund embryonic stem cell research under the banner of having a society where every life is sacred and valuable, then let’s stop dropping bombs on innocent civilians in Iraq.

When commenting on the veto, President Bush said, “This bill would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others. It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect, so I vetoed it.” (emphasis is mine) I wonder if Bush would make the same statement if we replaced the word “medical” with “political” or “milataristic” or “financial”. What would that look like?

“This bill would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding political, financial, or militaristic benefits for others. It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect, so I vetoed it.”

We can dream, right?


20 thoughts on “Culture of Life?

  1. what i am torn on is how i can support my president and my country while disagreeing with so much. i don’t want to be a pessimist, but i want to be a critical thinker. it’s fascinating how easisly i find myself getting angry at our government or at american greed, pride, etc. i am longing for balance.

  2. I will say it, I voted for him. I really thought I was getting a fiscally conservative, tough foreign policy minded president that would not make what I felt where foreign policy mistakes in treatys such as Kyoto or the lame N. Korean agreed framework that has come back to bite us. I felt, and still do to some degree that he would pander to the religious right only so far as to get their votes with out really giving much substantially. Most of all, I beleived he, unlike Kerry, would not get us into the biggest government debacle in history, that like social security and the current welfare system, could not be removed, even when it proved to be a failure because of the number of people reliant upon it.

    Well, I guess I got the last one.

    I will also admit, I am for the war. I believe and have right from the start this was a way to get us some sort of stronghold in a place we need it most, the middle east, whether that stronghold be political or military.

    I don’t think any one can say with a straight face this war has been well planned, or well executed. That is not to say we haven’t done some great things there…I have a cousin who served over there, and there are stories of us going and giving food and toys to children, and really making a difference in hearts and minds. OF course, the flip side have been the stories of torture, rape, and murder that would have made Sadaam proud where it one of his kids doing it.

    I was at Walter Reed a few weeks ago, praying I wouldn’t have to see the damage done to the soldiers by this war I support. I was lucky, I did not. My wife did. The look on her face showed enough of what I needed to know.

    Of course, one of the most promising ways of helping these people seems to be Stem Cell research. It kills me to know that a different cousin of mine may run out of life before he gets to walk again because the president wants to protect something that hasn’t taken the human form, has no sense of self awareness, no feelings, no emotions, nothing even resembling a baby.

    We refuse to let any good come out of abortions that happen every day, because we can’t let something good come out of something that some view as evil. We are refusing to fund research that could one day save the mind of a family member, from the same disease that robbed Reagan of his mind and my Meme of hers.

    This president has done wrong, as any president does. Some view wrong in a partisan view. He is right on this count, it is about Morals, and he has chosen political pandering or misguided zeolotcy over the direction of a true moral compass.

  3. I agree with Zach that there should be consistency, the same at home as abroad, because the sanctity of Iraqi life is just as important as the sanctity of American life. While I want to be sensitive to Keith, I do feel like there are a couple errors in the way the backers of this bill (e.g. Marty McFly) are handling things. 1)Stem cells can be obtained from other places. Why not run a campaign in hospitals asking people to donate their child’s umbilical cord after birth, and be just as emphatic about this as they are about trying to get the embryos? 2) There is an assumption that not approving this bill is signing a death warrant for millions of people. I understand desparation, but McFly seems to be overdramaticizing the issue, as there is no proof that destroying these embryos is going to help anybody who’s already been born. The way Marty’s friends are talking about this deal, it’s as if it’s all been proven, and that there’s no other way to do stem cell research. It’s manipulation, playing on people’s fears. And it’s not rational. 3) I look at those kids they showed on TV when Bush was signing the veto. Adopted embryos who were actually born. And the way I see it, the freezers full of these embryos are exactly the same as those thousands of acres of fields of humans that you see in the Matrix, all plugged in, sleeping, victims of a large machine that mistakenly thinks its existence and freedom is more important than the existence and freedom of those it is feeding upon.

  4. Those kids that were with George Bush during that press conference wouldn’t have existed without extensive embryonic research. Because of this veto, extra embryos left unused in the invitro process will be deemed “medical waste” and thrown out with the used coffee grounds instead of used for stem cell research that could help millions of people. Aaron, explain to me how that makes sense. If Bush refuses to fund this research because he believes it’s murder, then why doesn’t he make the invitro process illegal as well? All this simply does not make any sense.

  5. Well, when you put it that way… Sounds kind of hypocritical, doesn’t it?

    Okay, let’s see if I got this right:

    Sanctity of embryonic life = sanctity of Iraqi civilians = sanctity of used coffee grounds


  6. Haha….very funny Aaron, but I think you’re missing the point. The problem in Bush’s mind is not the research but the termination of embryonic cells, right? If that is indeed the case, my question is why is it perfectly ok in Bush’s mind that embryonic cells be discarded as medical waste but not ok to use them to do research?

  7. No, I didn’t miss that point at all. If that’s the case, then what they’re doing makes no sense whatsoever, and is rather hypocritical. I could imagine that if things were less skewed, then there would be an even more adamant crusade against throwing away embryos as mere medical waste, because that’s a much nastier burial, and a worse fate for all, than, say, the equivalent of a non-voluntary, pre-cognitive organ-donor-type situation.

  8. I’m sorry, I have to ask a question. What if the signing of the bill would have resulted in the intentional conception or cloning of millions upon millions of embryos expressly for the purpose of research? Because from what I have heard, you need a lot in order to get any valuable research done.

  9. maybe Bush saw “The 6th Day” and was afraid Arnold would start acting again if he didn’t veto the bill…

    reading stories like this make me wonder how we were ever shaped in the image of God.

  10. Why are people trying to use the mideast fighting as a wedge to approve of aborting babies?
    It never even clicked for me personally that there were discarded embryos from invitro. I’m rethinking that issue because I don’t have all the facts…
    Anyways, I guess my point is that the middle east massacre is horrible but can we stop these people from fighting for their ideologies? I don’t have the answer.
    I mean if there’s going to be a war why don’t we just admit that if it ever escalates this far it would end of being people that support Israel and people that don’t. I’m not implying that is a good thing but that’s the likely thing. I’m just saying that’s just what appears to be happening and what could happen. ?

  11. Randy, the war is not a way to wedge in aproval of abortion, it is pointing out a stark contrast between the value put on life of an unborn, and in the case, an unformed fetus to fully grown, fully aware people being put in harms way for reasons that are to some people noble, and to others criminal.

  12. It seems that most people on this blog are against war in general. When do you stand up for your life or life for the innocent? Are fetus’ able to make a decision about the future versus someone who has chosen a plan where they would feel a successful life would be if they were able to strap a bomb to themselves and their children in order to help kill all the Jews in the world. What do you do to someone that is willing to hide behind innocent civilians? I found an interesting short story and I believe this is happening much more than is reported.

  13. Wyatt, there is a clear distinction here between an embryo that will be deemed “medical waste” and a developing fetus. I do not believe anyone here is supporting the termination of a developing fetus for the benefit of research.

    I struggle a great deal with some of the questions you ask. When is it right to “stand up”? I don’t think war or violence in any way is a proper response, but if someone were breaking into my house to harm my family, my rule book would swiftly be tossed aside.

  14. Keith,
    I reviewed your earlier post and it would be impossible for me to reply because you don’t beleive an embryo is a human life. I respect your opinion so I’m not going to argue except to say I see where we disagree.

    Im sure you could understand how if someone thought an embryo was a human life then vetoing the bill would be logical.(I’m not making a connection to Iraq or the current mid east situation. My point is only regarding your comments on embryos.)

    To me protecting innocent life(particularly children but also including Iraqi civillians) is one of the most significant attributes of Christ.

  15. What’s illogical here is the fact that it’s ok to terminate an embryo by putting in the trash can but not ok to terminate an embryo for the benefit of medical research. The rights of any embryo, according to the current administration, seem to be conditional.

    Which ever side you find yourself on this issue, the current administations approach is simply illogical and hallow.

  16. From I know of W is that is totally against abortion. I believe he is trying to put in place the Supreme Court Justices to be able to due away with Roe vs. Wade. So I would say the current adminstration disagrees with both but right now they are able to due something about stem cell research.

    Zach, I appreciate your point about someone breaking into your home and that is why I personally can’t say that Israel is taking to much action (not saying you think that).

  17. Like I said before I hadn’t ever thought of that/didn’t know that happened with invitro. I see the point your making.
    Kind of a double standard…I don’t see how he is responsible for the practice of invitro though. That came to be a long time ago. Where as I would hold him more accountable for his Iraq mistake.

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