Name That Caption: 7-5-06


This reimagining of the Statue of Liberty has been brought to you by the American Christian Church. What an unfortunate use of this Church’s budget money. Read the story here.


9 thoughts on “Name That Caption: 7-5-06

  1. “What an unfortunate use of this Church’s budget money.”

    We all waste money. How much have I spent on cds, electronics, a car, a mortgage, retirement? Shouldn’t we really be looking at ourselves and saying “What an unfortunate use of my/God’s budget money”? Do I like the statue? Nope. Might it bring someone to Christ? Maybe. Is is a waste of money? Who cares! Am I wasting my money? Matthew 7:3

    I do enjoy your blog.

    (from a former Central CC youth worker)

  2. I was thinking something along those lines, JJ. nice.

    Dan, thanks for the comment. You’re right, we do all waste money that could be otherwise used to serve others. But to use the rationale that this statue may bring someone to christ is a bit odd to me. For example, 9-11 brought people to Christ, but do we say that was worth the devastation the terrorists caused? I’ve known of women who were raped and because of that, sought help and guidance and were led to Christ. Do we then say that the rape was an understandable offence? obviously, it’s difficult to compare this statue to a rape or 9-11, but if the statue is deemed unfortunate, the principle remains the same. i don’t think whether or not we are “winning people for christ” is the end to our means. rather, in my opinion, it is serving others. Do I do enough of that? absolutely not. ah, matthew 7:3 is a tough one. thanks for the reminder.

  3. i found this one on another site:

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Unless, of course, they don’t belong to OUR church in which case, let ’em die.”

  4. “i don’t think whether or not we are ‘winning people for christ’ is the end to our means. rather, in my opinion, it is serving others.”

    Unfortunately, we live in an age where evangelists would have us declare war on those who think differently than we do, where Christian entertainment is packaged as “ministry”, and where churches spend a quarter of a million dollars on a statue — all under the guise of bringing people to Christ.

    Maybe someday the American evangelical church will learn that our purpose is not to “bring people to Christ,” but rather to bring Christ to people — not with entertainment and gimmicks and publicity stunts, but with food, drink, clothing, hospitality and kindness. (Matthew 25) There are signs that this is happening more often now among evangelicals, so maybe there’s hope yet.

    The Memphis church in question here does participate in inner city ministry, so they shouldn’t be judged solely on this one ill conceived idea — but, holy cow, 250K sure could go a long way in some places.

  5. Zach,
    I have read some of your blog and you bring up some interesting thought provoking topics. I read the story about how “Christians don’t shoot Christians”. As we all hopefully already know Christian are flawed human beings just like everyone else in the world. I find it hard to follow you line of thought on this topic. To compare a statue to rape or the terroristic acts of 911 that took the lives of over 3500 people from many different nations is quite a stretch. I am sure that many people do not agree with secular music and how you could be affecting the lives of others for Christ. But because they do not agree they compare your band to Hitler or Saddam would be just as outrageous.

    I may not agree with all the different Christian movements in the world but it does not mean they can not have an affect. The fact is people are reach by different things. The sad thing is Christians verbally shoot each other all the time and unfortunately shoot themselves more often.

    Just some thoughts.

  6. Wyatt, I think you’ve misread my comment. I’m not comparing the statue to 9-11 in the sense of what it is capable of inflicting. Obviously, something like 9-11 has had much more of a devastating result than a single statue could ever have. That’s not my point. My point was that some will champion this statue as something that will lead non-believers to Christ and therefore, it is a valid and supportable object. God is able use both great and terrible things to reveal himself to us. 9-11 has caused many to seek God just as effectively as the birth of a newborn baby or a beautiful sunset. Does this mean that both 9-11 and the birth of a child are equally supportable events? I hope you and I would agree that the answer to that question is, absolutely not.

  7. “Okay, we are done accepting immigrants. Anyone found crossing the boarder will be nailed to one of these.”

    ‘Give me a “t”‘ was better.


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