“Christians don’t shoot Christians.”

There is an interesting article at CNN.com regarding the pastor’s wife in Tennesse who allegedly killed her husband. She been charged with his murder but has recently pled not guilty. Obviously, this is a very sad story but it is also a very interesting look into the dynamics of Christian faith communities in small town, rural America.

This quote caught my eye:

“What would cause a godly woman to do such a thing?” asked neighbor Sharon Everitt, echoing the question that has hung over the rural town since late March. “Christians don’t shoot Christians.”

If so, then who do Christians shoot?


7 thoughts on ““Christians don’t shoot Christians.”

  1. Thugs, punks, murderers, and cowards who begin shooting innocent civilians in a local Mickey D’s…

    Or who are kicking the front door down in an attempt to rape and murder the innocents inside…

    Or who are wacked out on Meth and hacking locals in the neighborhood with a samuri sword…

  2. Is it really fair to shoot someone with a gun if they only have a sword? If Christians are gonna murder someone, the least they can do is make it a fair fight, right?

  3. I read this article earlier today. I wen’t to high school in Chattanooga, TN so for some reason I feel obligated to keep up to date with that area of the country.

    Although I encountered my fair share of flawed beliefs while living there, I can’t believe that this lady speaks for all redneck Christians. I use that term in the most endearing of senses. 🙂

    I’m glad she only qualified shooting though. That leaves room for just about any other form of murder.

  4. I’m a youth pastor, and I shoot about 150 people a day, thanks to Halo 2!

    I lived in Alabama for 2 years, and I was disgusted most by the constant turning of a blind eye. It’s okay to lie in the south, cause you are surrounded by a bunch of other liars who play the same game. A game they do in the name of Jesus all the time.

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