Name That Caption: 6-21-06



14 thoughts on “Name That Caption: 6-21-06

  1. a sign of the times

    the presidents new checkbook drew attention from crowds…
    In order to boost ratings, W demonstrates his invention of the autograph.
    “Oh, you didn’t say ‘writes for flags?'”
    Product placement by the Dept. of Homeland Security sinks to a new low.
    George shows the people of El Paso that he can write Jorge.
    Sharpie… 2 dollars
    three by five inch stars and stripes… 1 dollar
    manicure… 20 dollars
    the most powerful man in the world defacing his own flag…
    The president shows shear genius in his latest appeal to young urban voters by going on the ‘taggin ole faithful’ tour
    The NAACP lobby finally succeeds in adding black to the flag
    We can see here the president labeling “The flag of North Texas.”

    i got carried away, crap

  2. David scores with: Sharpie… 2 dollars. Three by five inch stars and stripes… 1 dollar; manicure… 20 dollars;the most powerful man in the world defacing his own flag…priceless.


  3. “President Bush signs the flag of an Armed Forces member about to ship off to Iraq thus putting a smile on the face of another patriot ready to do his part in the fight for Freedom!”

  4. I cannot deny that this was a pretty stupid thing for the President to do. In fact, He has done a lot of stupid stuff. Him, James Dobson, and a lot of conservatives have not made wise decisions. What I am struggling to see in many of your posts though is what is driving your bitterness? You seem to want to serve and help – yet these don’t seem to be in that same mindset. I really am not trying to defend their mistakes…they are mistakes. But judgment still belongs to God and it just seems like these have become a way of tearing down instead of building up. Just a thought.

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