WWJR/My Wife is Rad!


Today my wife bought me this fine piece of machinery for Father’s Day. Just so you know, you’re looking at 49cc’s of pure, unadulterated power coupled with the loving embrace of Mother Nature (70 mpg). As I was riding back from the dealer today at the unthinkable speed of 35 mph, I was thinking that if Jesus absolutely had to choose a vehicle for transportation, the Honda Ruckus would be it. It is the preverbial “donkey” on the farm of two-wheeled vehicles. I had such a blast on the way back. I was only honked at once for going too slow. The best moment was when a dude on a Harley passed me, I looked over to him and gave him a little nod, aknowledging our kinship out on the open road. He just shook his head in disgust. It was awesome. Obviously he was threatened by my sweet white camo paint job.

I have to aknowledge the inspirations that have led to this purchase; Lloyd and Harry, Al Gore, my addiction to American Chopper, and the celebration of fathers. Thanks sweetie!

Now the hunt begins for the first accessory: a “In case of the Rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned” bumper sticker.


19 thoughts on “WWJR/My Wife is Rad!

  1. my favorite might be “christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” although that’s kind of a long one. i’m not sure you’d be able to fit it on that sweet ass bike

  2. This is amazing man. I rode a scooter for the first time last week at St. George Island in Florida. Sarah and I both got our scooters up to 55mph. It was awesome….

    I want one. But…it will have to wait. So, until then…I AM JEALOUS.

  3. You’re wife inspires me to be a rad wife. Hopefully she will inspire my husband to be rad as well. (I hope he reads this.)


    My brother has an old batavus…the best time I had was riding that thing at 20mph and giving the wave to harley riders…the looks I get crack me up every time!

    I got a Valentine 1 for pre-fathers day (she is due beginning of sept) Pretty psyched about that πŸ™‚

    Bummer we couldn’t get together in Phoenix…hope to see you out this way some time soon!

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