Gettin’ Ready for the Big Day!


Tonight I enjoyed a little slice of heaven before the Rapture tomorrow. This is the day people!!! 6.6.06 – 0 = 666. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!! If you’re not sure about the Rapture that’s gonna happen tomorrow, watch this video and make sure you keep your eternal destiny in check. As for me, a secular rock drummer, I’ll just be hoping they have Sam Adams on tap in the eternal lake of fire.

Another word of caution: When the shit hits the fan tomorrow, make sure to tune into CNN for all the updates because all the Fox News people will surely be in the arms of their heavenly father.

15 thoughts on “Gettin’ Ready for the Big Day!

  1. Yeah bro, and it was tasty as hell. I’d say let’s go to a game next week, but most of the D-Backs on are the “God Squad” so after tomorrow, we won’t have a team.

  2. I’m actually racing Pat Robertson to Heaven. I have to admit I’m a little worried his massive legs are going to allow him to jump halfway, thus giving him a huge headstart.

  3. Oh crap, it’s 6.6.06 and I’m still here! Hello? Anybody? Hello?

    Oh well, at least the Sam Adams is cold!

    [Thanks for the laugh, Zach. I almost wet myself with the Fox news comment. Quite true.]

  4. Well, the rapture didn’t take place. (How do I know? Because Fox is still on the air, bless their holy name.)

    This is a lucky break for you; it gives you time to repent for drinking a beer and for playing jungle rhythm rock music. Oh yeah, and for saying shit.

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