Let’s Ban Some Stuff

Will Samson has a very thoughtful post regarding the gay marriage issue that’s heating up in Washington this week. I echo Will’s sentiments and I pray we can begin to stop the distinction between acceptable and unnacceptable sin. If we ban gay marraige for the sake of the “sactity of marriage”, then we also need to be banning “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelorette”, “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire“, “Married by America” and all the other uses of marraige for pure, unadulterated tv network greed. We’d also have to ban divorce, single mothers, single fathers, verbally and physically abusive parents, and dads who don’t go to their son’s little league games. We might as well pass a corresponding bill to build all the new courts and prisons used to process and hold all of these future offenders.


9 thoughts on “Let’s Ban Some Stuff

  1. thanks for the link to will samson’s post. very timely and necessary words.

    it really is amazing how little coherence there is in this idea of banning gay marriage. if it were about the “sanctity” of marriage, as you point out, then there’s plenty of other fish to fry. in fact, it might stand to reason that it would be more “moral” for gay people to live in lifelong, committed, exclusive relationships.

    imagine what would happen if the tables were turned, and the government wanted to legislate the opposite – and require the church to endorse gay marriage.

    you’d think that people would catch on by now that w & co. keep trying to push the church’s buttons right around election time…

  2. I really wish the government would get out of the ‘marriage business’. It seems that if the govt. just gave civil unions (married in the eyes of the state), which from a govt. perspective is all they should care about, and let religious institutions do marriages (married in the eyes of God/ Church), this debate could take a foothold in reality.

    Personally, I beleive the state should have no say in the commitment of 2 consenting adults…just as the church should have no say in what the state does, and of course, vice versa.

  3. Excellent point. I vote for civil unions. Such legislation would not take away from the sanctity of marriage, which is provided by a religious ceremony.

    Christians must quit acting like homosexuality and acting on that is any different than single heterosexuals engaging in premarital sex or living together. We miss the point when we treat some sinners as second class citizens. After all, we’re all sinners, and God gave us all different burdens to bear.

    W needs to realize that he can’t legislate a heart for God and for obedience–that isn’t our government’s job and most likely pushes non-believers even further away from God’s message.

  4. Your logic could be reversed to say: If we’re _not_ banning things, we shouldn’t ban this, that or the other thing.

    If we’re not banning gay marriage, lets legalize polygamy. Why not?

    Everyone’s going around murdering. We don’t have space to process that in our prisons, so let’s just legalize bullet proof vests.

    Kids are having sex anyway, let’s just hand out condoms.

    Not disagreeing with your point that Christians handle the issue wrong, but I do disagree with your logic getting there. Slippery slopes are weak and don’t stand in a debate/dialogue on the subject.

  5. John, I’ve never said that we should stop banning all things. I’ve simply suggested that if people are concerned with the sancitity of marriage, then they should try to be consistent.

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