The Last Word on the Da Vinci Code….

….for Finding Rhtyhm will not be mine. I’ll go ahead and place a moratorium on Da Vinci Code entries for this blog after this post. So with this being my last reference to the book/movie controversy, I’ll go ahead and pass the mic to Dean Kuest who is the lead pastor at Pathways Church in Mill Creek, WA. Bring it home, Dean.


8 thoughts on “The Last Word on the Da Vinci Code….

  1. So let me get this straight. We are supposed to appreciate Dan Brown’s heretical claims about Jesus and the accuracy of the Gospel? I’m supposed to be happy that Dan Brown has provided us the “opportunity” to waste our time talking to the non-elect about how this movie was interesting and worth seeing? This is yet another example of how our American, so-called “Christian” pastors are waging war on solid, Bible based teaching of the Gospel. After my daily protest at the local cineplex, maybe I need to start picketing all the local pastors who aren’t picketing this movie! We need to keep the up the fight for Jesus.

    In Christ,


  2. P.I.,

    I’d be honored to be picketed by you – although I find it hard to understand why talking with people about Jesus because of their interest in a movie is a “waste of time talking to the non-elect” and picketing your local cineplex doesn’t fall into that category as well.

    I have decided I will not waste my time trying to understand you – there are too many people out there who are seeking Jesus.

  3. Ooo, I want to picket Dean too. Let’s make it a party. I feel like Dean is the kind of guy who would bring coffee, doughnuts, and maybe even an ocational egg McMuffin out to protesters in order to open up chat lines. I’ll protest most things for free food.

    The only other protest I’ve been a part of was the imprisonment on Mumia Abu Jamal. We did our darndest to “free him brick by brick and wall by wall.” Although exciting, the police didn’t bring us any coffee.

    Dean, I prefer mine with one cream, two sugars.

  4. Dean, I think you’re all wrong!

    Nah, just kidding. Thought I’d be antagonistic for a moment. I find it truly amazing that Christians laser target The Code and let the fanatical fiction of Left Behind sky rocket to best seller. I agree, both leave ample room for conversion, however we are all too eager to find an easy perscriptive for doing faith.

    We could picket the Sudanese militants, US funding of Columbian paramilitary, national corporate economics, the structure that fails to adequately address hundreds of thousands of homeless in our own parishes, the underfunding of hospitals, the outright impossibility of adoption from our system, the lip service paid to education, but instead…no, let’s focus our energies on a paperback. Trouble with the Da Vinci Code Commando mindset is that some of our verbal defenses are sometimes as, um, original and creative as Brown’s theology and willingness to claim fiction as fact.

    Didn’t think I needed to vent, but I guess I did. Thanks.

    Peace from AZ.

  5. Man, what’s this code everyone keeps talking about? Do I need to know this code? Where do I get my decoder ring? I feel so out of the loop!

    Have I already missed my opportunity to waste time with the unelect? Does the code reveal my Christian duty to picket movies every day? Oh, so many questions… does the discussion really have to be over so soon?


    Ok, I’m better now.

  6. P.I. I admire your strenght in protests, however I would have to agree with Pastor Dean.

    The truth of the matter is, no matter how much ‘Christian groups’ protest outside a cinema, the film is going ahead, so the most productive thing to do is to do as Pastor Dean says which is to ultilize the film as a startingpoint for Discussing Christ, in the same way we invited our friends to see ‘The Passion’ to stimulate discussion.

    And MATT, seriously, you can’t call P.I. an A-hole just because he stands up for Christ (for me) in a slightly misjudged manner.

    I think you need to take the plank out of your eye, Christ teaches reproach and correction out of love and understanding, not mindless internet forum abuse.

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