The Age of AIDS

2412.jpgThe brilliant show Frontline on PBS will be airing an episode on May 30th titled “The Age of AIDS”. Frontline always delivers powerful and compelling insights into all the issues it confronts and I’m confident that this upcoming episode will be no different. Here is a note from the Frontline website:

“On the 25th anniversary of the first diagnosed cases of AIDS, FRONTLINE examines one of the worst pandemics the world has ever known in The Age of AIDS, airing Tuesday and Wednesday, May 30 and 31, from 9 to 11 P.M. ET on PBS (check local listings). After a quarter-century of political denial and social stigma, of stunning scientific breakthroughs, bitter policy battles and inadequate prevention campaigns, HIV/AIDS continues to spread rapidly throughout much of the world. Through interviews with AIDS researchers, world leaders, activists, and patients, FRONTLINE investigates the science, politics, and human cost of this fateful disease and asks: What are the lessons of the past, and what can be done to stop AIDS?”


14 thoughts on “The Age of AIDS

  1. Zach –

    Hey man, thanks for shedding some light on this. I really hope many people not only watch this, but also allow their hearts and minds to be sensitive to the devastation of God’s children living (and dying) with this affliction.

    My organization ( is partnering with our local PBS station ( to do in-studio interviews and run a phone bank for information regarding HIV/AIDS during both night’s shows. We are really excited about this opportunity to educate and provide care.

    For the record Mrs. Hangslough, of the 2000+ individuals, families, and children we serve; less than 40% indentify as homosexual. And nearly 25% are married heterosexuals.

    Again, thanks for giving a damn Zach.

    Be Well,

    ps – hope you make it through KC/Lawrence again soon.

  2. i like it that the first guy to comment on here has links to fox news, pro bush, an dr. falwell.

    i don’t know why, but it made me laugh a little.

    and i even went to dr. falwell’s university.

  3. Not to detract from the message in the blog, nor Doug’s humbling post, but the first guy has been a case study for me in everything bad in US Christianity. Sensational stuff, ignorance can be truly boundless:

    “God has inflicted our country…” I think most people’s first thought having read the initial post was related to the fight against AIDS in Africa, but one suspects you may care somewhat less about foreigners, one suspects even less about those with chromatic differences to you.

    “Sniper in the Pews
    God’s marksman eliminating false doctrine, liberalism and immorality with each pull of the trigger.”

    Wow 😦 What a scary moron

  4. Interstingly, I just posted a rant about funda-MENTAL-ism on my blog. The idea that fear is the dominant factor in that thought process, so leaders establish enemies nad people to fear. People that should be avoided and not tolerated. Sometimes, our governement does the same thing. Post-911 all Arab looking people were stereotyped as a terrorist. Now that we realize there is only a small group of them, we have targeted illegal immigrants. For some reason we always seem to need an enemy to hate.

  5. I can’t imagine equating the God of love (and the God of the Bible) with a god who inflicts pain and suffering on innocent children — simply because he doesn’t like the way people on another continent vote.

    As John Wesley said, “Your God is my devil.”

  6. Yeah Moondog, you’re right. I could never imagine a God who would do something like, say, flood the whole earth and kill tons of women and children because of immoral bahaviour. Your Wesley quote is cute but in the end, you don’t have a problem with me. Your problem is with God. You better take cover brother! Check out to get prepared.

  7. this has to be a joke.

    A) his blog is not that old
    B) he goes by the name P.I. (magnum much)
    C) this guy is so over-the-top its ridiculous

    or its true

    in which case i am absolutely speechless.

    but dont worry about me P.I. im ready for the “rapture”
    but because your a sniper you will probably take me out before it happens.

    but i wish you the best when it happens. have fun flying with lahaye and robertson

  8. A friend of mine coined the phrase evangetroll (pronounced E-vang-i-troll) for people like PI. The term troll or trolling is used in online forums to describe people who post comments that are attacking and rude but have very little substance to their posts. Just a I am right you are all wrong and there is nothing you can do to be right except agree with me. Well evangetrolls do the same thing except they like to back up their rude and attacking behavior by quoting scripture out of context usually. Therefore if you are wrong you are going to hell (hence his comment about getting ready for the rapture). The sad thing about evangetrolls is that their concept of God is usually of a very wrathful deity that only loves very few people, many of them would not be the people that Jesus loved, healed, ate with, and shared his life with.

    But if you aren’t republican then you aparently aren’t Christian (somehow) and then you are a target of evangetrolls. I didn’t give my blog address because I didn’t want another evangetroll that I have to delete their hateful comments.

  9. I got to go and see what is happening in South Africa with the orphans of Aids. It is very real – children raising children, tribal leaders caring for men dying of aids. But the thing I was most impressed with is something is being done for the children – grief intervention and talking about why their parents had died or are dying – at the Helping Hands Intervention Center. Check out the Cycle of Life video on the website
    Zach wanna come with us in September to see this reality? Let Jamie know….

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