Crunch Time!

SunsGorilla.jpgTonight Holly and I will be going to our first ever “Game 7” of an NBA playoff series. We will be rooting for the hometown Phoenix Suns to pound the L.A. Clippers and their suddenly filled up bandwagon. It’s always great to “Beat L.A.” so hopefully tonight, we will take no prisoners. I am expecting to hear all the “sport rock” classics like Enter Sandman, Welcome to the Jungle, Right Now (the worst stadium rock song ever), and, of course, the best sport rock songs ever, Queen’s trilogy of “We Will Rock You”, “Another One Bites the Dust” and “We are the Champions”. Here’s to what will hopefully be a Suns win and to the Gorilla not pulling a “Frank the Tank”” when jumping through the ring of fire!


3 thoughts on “Crunch Time!

  1. Greetings….you stand corrected. Not every L.A. fan (especially Laker fan, which I am one) is serving two masters. My bandwagon is painted purple and gold, and I cheered with my Phoenix brethren tonight as the pounding ensued and Nash did what MVP’s do. Ahhhh, the feeling of “beat L.A.” while living in L.A. is almost….surreal!

  2. Wow. What a game! Well, actually, it wasn’t that competetive but it was still a very fun time. Maybe the city of L.A. can try to get a third pro basketball team for the Suns to embarrass. What’s up with all of the severe choke jobs going on in game sevens from the L.A. teams?

  3. I went to a KC Royals game last night and saw them blow a 4-run lead to end up losing 8-5. It was their 11th straight loss. There were dozens of people wearing brown paper bags on their heads. It was a low point of my life as a fan.

    Meanwhile you’re watching the Suns play for the Western Conference crown.

    I envy you.

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