The Visual Da Vinci

Holly and I just got back from seeing the Da Vinci Code and I have to say that as a movie, it was very average. I actually found myself drifting off to sleep a few times. I am not sure if it was because the movie was poorly made or if it was the fact that I already knew what was going to happen. The book succeeded at two things: it created suspense for the reader and generated controversy. Knowing the book was fiction, the controversy never really hit home for me so the only aspect of the book I appreciated was that it was a nail-biting page turner. So with the one thing the story line had going for itself being absent, I ended up being pretty bored. Thinking back, I am not sure the movie was that poorly made. The acting was good, the plot was exactly like the book but the movie still failed to excite Holly and me. The only thing that would have made the movie more enjoyable was if the film makers would have taken more liberties with the book. Overall, my response was very much Larry David-esque: “ehh”


3 thoughts on “The Visual Da Vinci

  1. Yup. Same here. Jamie was falling asleep during the last half hour — which felt like a half decade. Oh well. Better luck next time (next time being the next time they take pseudo-history and try to make it a movie).

  2. I’m in Rome at a hostel and a bunch of us travelers here tried to go see it last night, but it was sold out. Maybe it was better that way anyway. Ironically, I ended up going to a gay bar with the people here. While there they started to ask me about Jesus. I sat there thinking, “I’m in Rome, at a gay bar, talking about Jesus.” I tend to think God takes me down odd roads just to blow my paradigm of Him out of the water.

    And no, I missed Gaudi Park unfortunately. But I did really enjoy Barcelona.

  3. Agreed. They should make a movie about Angels and Demons. That book was ten times better.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion.

    A right opinion, none the less.

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