Brian McLaren on The Da Vinci Code

Sojourners Magazine has published an interview withBrian McLaren regarding his thoughts on The Da Vinci Code. I particularly enjoyed this exchange:

Do you think the book contains any significantly detrimental distortions of the Christian faith?

McLaren: The book is fiction and it’s filled with a lot of fiction about a lot of things that a lot of people have already debunked. But frankly, I don’t think it has more harmful ideas in it than the Left Behind novels. And in a certain way, what the Left Behind novels do, the way they twist scripture toward a certain theological and political end, I think Brown is twisting scripture, just to other political ends. But at the end of the day, the difference is I don’t think Brown really cares that much about theology. He just wanted to write a page-turner and he was very successful at that.

Check out the full interview here. Viva CNAF!!!!


4 thoughts on “Brian McLaren on The Da Vinci Code

  1. Enjoyed the interview. Thanks. I think McLaren’s comment on the final question is incredibly powerful. Sounded like an old TheoHacks episode. 🙂

    His comments after the first question were interesting also. I realize he’s not pushing for making Jesus more flashy, but I think some churches may take that mentality and try to reach out to new church-goers by oversimplifying his deity (something he brings up later in the interview)and displaying him as a regular dude. It will be interesting to see if the success of the film effects the portrayal of Jesus in some churches. Simply teaching his love and life is flashy enough for me.

  2. I like Mclaren’s insight on the whole controversey. I like how he says the Left Behind series is more harmful than the Da Vinci Code. I especially like his advice to embrace the movie as an analysis of what people think and want of a “humanity” Jesus. Christians can use this movie constructively.

  3. Mike DeVries just posted on this today too. I’m gonna re-post it on mine also. The Da Vinci Code interview needs to be read by everyone.

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