How Could You Boycott This Face?

otaylor2004.jpgBreaking News!! This is a shocker. Christians are planning to boycott the upcoming release of the Da Vinci Code!!

You’d think there would be other things in this world that deserve a boycott, right? The fact that many in this world don’t have access to clean drinking water would be a great example. But, in the end, if people die from drinking unhealthy water, that doesn’t affect the message of Jesus, right? But, on the other hand, wouldn’t it be totally unpatriotic to boycott Opie Taylor? And as we’ve come to learn, you can’t begin to love Jesus if you aren’t patriotic.

I’m officially starting C.N.A.F. (Christians Not Afraid of Fiction). Anyone want to join me?


26 thoughts on “How Could You Boycott This Face?

  1. hell yes!!! count me in….

    but nonly if I get to be the Vice President of CNAF…. You and Zack always take the important roles. Vp of CNAF….I like the sound of that….

    p.s. Adrienne loved the book, but she worships Satan… what are you gonna do?

  2. im in, only if you send out membership cards.
    questions to consider?
    is there going to be a secret handshake?
    will WE hide clues in our paintings?
    are we going to be a secret society or a society of secrets?


    are we just going to fearlessly read books of the fiction genre?

    i am not asking for a position of power in this revolution because it is my experience that those that desire to be in a position of power are probably the least suited to be there.

  3. Like we couldn’t see the boycott coming. of course, all the boycott will do is give the movie free publicity, like it needed any more. People will go to that movie in droves and probably be greeted with a well-made and acted movie with a compelling story.

    I’m with you on your point about what really needs to be boycotted.

    At our local theater in Georgia we have some yahoos with bullhorns and sandwich boards that like to “call people into repentance.” They worked overtime when Brokeback Mountain was in the theaters.

  4. I’m totally with you on this one. You know, Christians who do things like this–boycotting and showing their fear of the book–have actually given so much power to the “message” contained in the book.

    C’mon people…it’s FICTION!

  5. The first order of business for CNAF is to go see the Da Vinci Code the day it comes out with t-shirts on that say “We Love Satan”. if that statement is a little too bold, you can opt for the “Dan Brown is my personal Lord and Saviour” shirt.

    After that, I’m not sure what we’ll do. I’m sure we’ll think of something.

  6. So the thing that I knew was coming these months has finally arrived in all it’s red white and blue colors.

    You can for sure count me in.

    Maybe we can make “Robert Langdon is my homeboy” shirts too.

  7. While I want in, I understand WHY they did it…there was a large perception this book was more truth than fiction. Lets face it, the Vatican isn’t exactly the most ‘transparent’ organization there is, so its pretty easy to believe.

    By boycotting, I think they are more trying to send the message that the story isn’t true rather than say blasphemous.

  8. i think the message they’re sending is that they’re intolerant and are scared of anything that makes them think. and that they are afraid to answer to some of the atrocities that their predecessors have committed.

  9. I posted this on a friend’s site as well, but applies here:

    Matthew Paul Turner talks about the art of boycotting in his book, The Christian Culture Survival Guide. You are right, a boycott does not hurt the movie in the least, it only gives it more publicity. The fact of the matter is that this movie and book are FICTION. Maybe we should boycott churches that utilize this movie as way of drawing crowds. [or filling the collection plate] I am a little tired of the hype, can’t we find something more important to get upset about? Like global poverty, hunger, the AIDS epidemic, abuse, etc. Something tells me that Dan Brown is hearing the sounds of cash registers and seeing visions of dollar signs while he sleeps soundly at night.

  10. ok. maybe i’m not on the right track – tell me if you think i’m wrong. i don’t plan on going to see the movie, but it has nothing to do with boycotting or fear. i love fiction and it seems to me that the book (and probably movie) does a pretty good job of making itself uncredible as “fact” to anyone who thinks a bit… at the same time, i get no great joy at the idea of spending my money to join the masses at this hollywood ruckus. maybe i’ll get it from netflix later on – they can send it to me at the local homeless shelter, right zach? 😉

  11. People here in israel think this story is absolutely true. Chabad Chasidim have been giving out free copies in my town to debunk and disprove Christianity to questioning Jews. It doesn’t take much ‘evidence’ when mixed into a culture of inherant Jesus-rejection/hatred/ignorance. I’ll probably end up handing out flyers that have some of this plain corrective truth in them. And probably start honest conversations about eternal things in parking lots afterwards too. I’ll probably save up and see the movie too. But I think I’ll opt out of the ‘we love satan’ shirt :o)

  12. I’m a Christian and I’m terrified of fiction. Some scary movies (fiction movies!) even give me nightmares. Not to mention that Left Behind Series. I shudder just walking past those books.

  13. He certainly could use some love right about now. I figured he’d be getting enough love from the telecom giants, but maybe that’s not enough.

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