Global Night Commute


On April 29th the good people at Invisible Children are organizing an event in cities all over the world called “The Global Night Commute” . This event is asking those who are concerned with children night commuters in Uganda to participate in their own “night commute” in order to call attention to what’s going on with these children in war-torn Uganda.

What the particpants in this event are asked to do is simply spend one night in the streets on April 29th. There are locations set for each city involved and you can see what the locations are right here on the Invisible Children website. In Phoenix the location will be at Windsor Century Plaza
North Central Ave and East Monterey Way, Phoenix, AZ 85012. So far over 400 people have pledged to be a part of the Phoenix night commute and it’s shaping up to be an epic event.

The team who organized the screening of “A Closer Walk” will be particpating in this as well and we’d love for any of you to join us on the 29th.


7 thoughts on “Global Night Commute

  1. thanks so much for posting this. i had heard all about this organization for the last few months and i finally went to check it out. it’s awesome what they’re doing. and they’re all in their 20’s too. i plan to head to sacramento on the 29th and hopefully bring many more from my school. hopefully they can put an add in the chapel bulletin. jon

  2. YES!!!

    Zach, did you do this?

    I was supporting with Atlanta on Saturday night. We commuted 3 miles from a public park to the GA Tech Yellow Jacket Park. Unfortunately our mayor would have nothing to do with it. She refused to grant us a permit for the central public park we requested. So we had to take our demonstration to the private park on campus. Ah well, I think Shirley Franklin will get it one day soon when the story breaks world-wide (won’t take long for that now). We still got press coverage. We made it on TV.

    My heart has been breaking for Uganda ever since I viewed this movie. I wish I’d known sooner. And I’m so thankful that these boys uncovered this story for us.

    And on a tangent, as of late Wednesday night, I’ve finally succumbed to God’s yelps and nudges, and I’m going to Africa. Not sure if it’ll actually be Uganda. I’m praying for a clearer sign as to where in Africa (all I feel is that it’s probably somewhere in the Northeast). I’ll be attending a YWAM DTS(Youth With A Mission – Discipleship Training School) for 3 months and then doing an outreach in Africa for an additional 3 months. I believe that God’s been telling me to leave my job to do this. I’m pretty scared, but I keep reassuring myself that if I’m answering God’s calling he would bless me and take care of my needs.

    Anyway, I’ll have to tell you the crazy story in detail the next time I see you. It’s pretty amazing.

    And I’m SOOO glad to hear you’re a part of this cause!


  3. just so you know… 4000 to 6000 in san diego; made all 5 major news stations… 2000 in chicago in the pouring rain; they didn’t leave and they flew in jacob from uganda to do the GNC there… 1800 in seattle, where frost was gathering (i dunno if it gathers or not) on people’s sleeping bags… 1300 in portland (that’s where i was), including a guy who walked 7 miles barefoot and only brought a blanket because that’s all the kids get… 2000 in los angeles… it happened in a big way, and it’s going to be crazy to see how this ripples out. Thanks for advertising it; how was phoenix? also, don’t know if you got my emails, but are you going to be around on the 8th or 9th? we’ll be in town; it’s fine if you are too busy, but we’d definitely like to swap stories and simply meet. thanks bro.


  4. The Phoenix GNC was great. The turn out seemed low compared to the website sign in, but I think that’s to be expected in Phoenix. I heard the actual number of commuters was around 600. We had CBS local news come to cover the event, but I didn’t get a chance to see the report. The event was really simple but powerful and I’m really glad that my wife and I were a part of it. Thanks for letting know about this, Drew. I’ll be around on the 8th and 9th so just email me and we can figure out where and when to meet up.

    Great to hear that you were a part of it Lacie!

  5. hey zach… where and when would be good for you tomorrow? does 930 work? i don’t really know of any eating spots in Phoenix, so pick one and let’s meet there. email me or call me 805 708 5645
    thanks bro

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