Desert Snow

In a post a little bit ago I mentioned we needed some precipitation in a bad way here in the Phoenix area. Last weekend it came down in a huge way. Not only did we get a ton of rain all day Saturday, but we also got a bunch of snow on the surrounding mountains. Today, my daughter and I ventured out towards Four Peaks (pictured above) to find a place to play in the snow. It was an amazing day and we were once again reminded just how beautiful our home can be. Where else in the world can you capture a photo with Saguaro cacti in the foreground with snow covered peaks as the backdrop?
Check out some of my photos from the trip here.


8 thoughts on “Desert Snow

  1. Beautiful pictures. I remember years ago driving from La Jolla to visit relatives in Oklahoma City with my son. Going through AZ, it was about 90 in Gila Bend that morning, but as we approached Flagstaff there was snow on the ground. It was his first time to see it. We pulled the car over and played in it — him wearing shorts and flip flops. I love driving through the southwest; it’s like being in the middle of a postcard.

  2. It’s pretty amazing how you and Zack N. use your fancy Mac computers to generate pictures of snow on mountains in Arizona. You are smart.


  3. Living in the midwest, I don’t get escited about snow, but it is really cool to listen to (or read) someone else getting excited about it. Nature has a way of reflecting how creative God really is. I mean seriously, snow…in the desert!?!?!

  4. I was searching the net for a drummer with a heart for Christ. I’m in a band called Tears of Solomon with the purpose to reach the lost and to encourage and bless other Christians. We are a rock band that plays original music as well as worship for appropriate times. If you’re interested, we need a drummer with that kind of heart to come play with us in England… Catch is.. the gig is next month so I understand if that wouldn’t work. Hit me back an email or call me at 520-227-7268.. i’m in Sierra Vista. God bless.. Sean

  5. Hey Sean, that was sweet, but I’m pretty sure Zach’s basically set with gigs. If you do get him to quit his band and join yours though, let me know. I’ll buy you a Lexus.

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