image1005310g.jpgOuch! Ok, now I feel bad for George. He’s currently lying in the bed he’s made for himself and although it’s appropriate, it’s still a little sad. Although I disagree strongly with a vast majority of his choices, I pray for him that through this tough time politically, he can examine himself (as we all should) and start making a path for this country that is more responsible, compassionate, transparent, humble, and honorable. He’s established a culture for the leadership in Washington that is simply wreckless and irresponsible and the American people are starting to recognize this now more than ever.

Download a pdf file of the full CBS News poll here.


9 thoughts on “34%

  1. Z-
    I have to admit, I forget he is a real person sometimes. That might sound funny, but I seem to get so upset with him, and the choices he makes, that I forget he is fallen just like me.

    Let’s pray for more compassion in his life and in ours.

    good post.

    see ya tomorrow.


  2. You have to read the fine print. Out of the 1018 people polled, only 26% are Republican. Almost half of the polled population are Democrats. So it’s not suprizing that only 34% approve of our president. You are entitled to disagree with his actions, but don’t base the voice of America on a slanted poll.


  3. 2 Peter 2:10

    But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

  4. Beth,

    Thanks for the verse reference. I have to ask what “dignities” you recognize in the presidency of George Bush? How do those dignities stack up to his “lust of uncleanness”? Am I being “presumptuous” and “seflwilled” by pointing out the possible consequences for bad leadership?

    I’m glad you referenced 2 Peter, though. The beginning of the 2 chapter is actually quite fitting:

    “But there were also lying prophets among the people then, just as there will be lying religious teachers among you. They’ll smuggle in destructive divisions, pitting you against each other–biting the hand of the One who gave them a chance to have their lives back! They’ve put themselves on a fast downhill slide to destruction, 2but not before they recruit a crowd of mixed-up followers who can’t tell right from wrong.

    They give the way of truth a bad name. 3They’re only out for themselves. They’ll say anything, anything, that sounds good to exploit you. They won’t, of course, get by with it. They’ll come to a bad end, for God has never just stood by and let that kind of thing go on.”(The Message)

    Maybe the “bad end” for George is at hand. That’s all I’m trying to point out as a result of his failed leadership.

  5. It’s amazing how much leniancy a guy can get by claiming to be a Christian! I used to defend Bush myself, but I began to run out of excuses.

    God bless the guy, but come on people, his administration makes mistake after mistake. It’s to the point where they’re being accused of ‘creating’ problems just to get the media’s mind off of the current problems.

    And just to clarify, I am not any less of a Christian because I think he’s a sub-par leader. I still support him and pray for him, after all he does lead my nation, but I don’t have to kiss his ass and act like he’s made no mistakes.

  6. yeah, pray for him, but holy cheese, i don’t know how he can pull out of this tailspin. this is almost ridiculous. wait….nope….i’m getting a bullettin that says that we’ve passed firmly into ridiculous. sorry, ladies and gentlemen, a little premature on NOT calling this ridiculous.

  7. he doesn’t really need to gain our approval any longer…why try? as long as he finishes this term without an impeachment, at least he’ll be ahead of the last guy.

  8. …he can examine himself (as we all should) and start making a path for this country that is more responsible, compassionate, transparent, humble, and honorable…

    Wow, what a great prayer for all of us!

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