Donald Miller on “A Million Little Pieces”

I ran across this great article written by Donald Miller on the Burnside Writers Collective website. He writes about the controversial James Frey book “A Million Little Pieces” and examines the fine line between fiction and non-fiction writing. It’s very much worth the read.


6 thoughts on “Donald Miller on “A Million Little Pieces”

  1. I can’t believe that he doesn’t believe the Bible is true! I’m throwing his books out – not to mention all of the lies he tells in them. I bet he’s never even been to Powell’s.

  2. i don’t know. there’s definitely a big difference between “employing creative styles” and just flat making up crazy stories and claiming that they’re true in order to sell books and get attention. miller’s article is hilarious, and i agree that it would be impossible to write a memoir that was 100 percent accurate in every way, but there needs to be some standard of truth-telling. sorry, frey. i’m still mad. rrrr.

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