Keep A Child Alive

Keep A Child Alive is a great organization I just recently heard about from my friend, Zack Newsome (great name!). This is from their website:

“Keep A Child Alive is a unique campaign that offers you the opportunity to provide life-saving AIDS medicines directly to children and families with HIV/AIDS in Africa and other impoverished countries. For just a dollar a day—or a monthly contribution of $30—you can help save the life of a child or a parent who can’t afford essential treatment and care. Probably less than you spend on coffee each morning.

Contributions to Keep A Child Alive go directly to children and families in desperate need of AIDS medicines. We provide regular updates on Keep A Child Alive’s treatment sites and the kids and parents receiving ARV treatment and support. Most of all, you’ll receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a real difference in the lives of children and families who have nowhere else to turn—helping them live longer, happier lives.”

Above are two photos of the same boy taken 5 months apart (you can see more photos here). This is the kind of difference we can all make in the lives of these children with just $30 per month. These drugs (ARV’s) are not cheap and many in developing countries simply can’t afford it on their own. Without these necessary drugs, life is bleak and hopeless. We can make a huge impact with very little of our resources.


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