George should listen to Laura more often…..

“If we resort to violence, it’s very, very difficult to have any sort of dialogue.”–Laura Bush in regards to the violent protests in reaction to the Muhammad cartoon.

Wow, some great advice that might have come a few years too late. Maybe George Bush can pull off the ultimate in the history of his infamous cronyism and appoint his own wife as Secretary of Defense. Based on this little nugget of wisdom, she would be a welcome change to who’s currently filling that role. It’s not like you need any kind expertise to attain a high ranking post in his administration. Just ask former FEMA head, Michael Brown.


7 thoughts on “George should listen to Laura more often…..

  1. To answer your first question, no invasion would have been a better plan. Last I checked, the over two thousands troops and counting who have died in the operation are U.S. citizens too. If we wouldn’t have invaded, they wouldn’t have had to sacrifice their lives in a war that, as it turns out, had nothing to do with the safety of American Citizens.

    In response to your second question, I find it very interesting that you even bring up the U.N.. Not even the U.N., who’s sanctions were violated, supported the war in Iraq. If the President had the full support of the U.N. in this effort, then they too would have to share in the responsiblity for a preemptive war that, in the end, Georged Bush waged on his own under false pretenses.

    Even though my responses are logical and sound, I realize that they won’t satisfy you. That’s ok. We can agree to disaree and move on.

  2. Well, I guess since you have used nothing but logic and soundness, I’m going to have to comment with stupidity and ignorance to find some satisfaction.

    I seem to remember Bush having full congressional support from both sides of the aisle on the invasion and I think it is safe to say, that prior to the invasion our citizenry were definitely ‘in harms way’ by these terrorist thugs on many different occasions, not just 9-11.
    And in light of some the recent revelations of Saddam admitting on tape that he had WMDs and moved them to Iran, seems to lend a bit more credence to Bush’s ‘false pretenses’.

    Americans, have died, but over 3,000 of ’em died just in the 9-11 attacks alone, while we weren’t even “at war”, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that we would have had a few more ‘outbursts’ and ‘American losses’ had we not taken the fight to them. And what about the countless innocent thousands, or tens of thousands, that would have been butchered under that regime had it been left unchecked?

    Consider the words of an Iraqi mayor: “Our city was the main base of operations for Abu Mousab Al Zarqawi. The city was completely held hostage in the hands of his henchmen. Our schools, governmental services, businesses and offices were closed. Our streets were silent, and no one dared to walk them. Our people were barricaded in their homes out of fear; death awaited them around every corner. Terrorists occupied and controlled the only hospital in the city.

    Their savagery reached such a level that they stuffed the corpses of children with explosives and tossed them into the streets in order to kill grieving parents attempting to retrieve the bodies of their young.
    This was the situation of our city until God prepared and delivered unto them the courageous soldiers of the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment, who liberated this city, ridding it of Zarqawi’s followers after harsh fighting, killing many terrorists, and forcing the remaining butchers to flee the city like rats to the surrounding areas, where the bravery of other 3d ACR soldiers in Sinjar, Rabiah, Zumar and Avgani finally destroyed them.”

    And yes, I don’t have a problem agreeing to disagree, but I also don’t have a problem in seeing the exceeding beneficial impact that has occurred thus far because of the corrageous effort of our Armed Forces when they are willing to take a stand against evil and injustice.

    If you or others disagree, well then disagree. Obviously I don’t possess the mastery of the english language or the ‘subject matter’ of evil vs. good to be able to convince you………and that’s still okay. I’m just glad to call myself an American and am more than willing to continue to stand with our “Freedom Fighters” in their continued attack against all things vile and inhumane.

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