I am currently in Sydney. It’s kinda of weird to experience summer in December, but it’s really cool at the same time. The weather is really mild so far, a little warm but overall very nice. Me and a few friends of mine went to a local bar across the street from the hotel last night and I ended up talking for a while with a local businessman who was winding down from a days work. He was raised Catholic but is now Agnostic and it was really interesting to see his perspective on Americans and American Christianity. I think he was a bit confused by the fact that I was a Christian, that I was in a rock band which his 13 year-old daughter was a fan of, and American. His picture of an American Christian was pretty specific, but my profile didn’t seem to match any of his criteria. Maybe that’s a bad thing, maybe that’s good. We ended up talking about politics, religion, capital punishment, abortion, Jesus and drums. It was a great conversation and I think we both walked away with a better understanding of each others world. This is one of the best aspects of my profession. I am constantly meeting people all over the world and having really interesting conversations and learning so much about our world and the people in it. Playing music for a living is awesome, but long after the music is over I will take away with me the experience of encountering the outside world. That, more than any musical experience, is what has helped shape me for the rest of my life.

Also, yesterday we visited the Botanical Gardens in Sydney to experience the flight of the bats. For some reason, I’m not sure why, thousands of bats have made their home in this public garden and every evening as the sun goes down, they awaken and circle the entire garden like a huge black cloud. It was incredible. Not only were the bats amazing, but this park also was home to some of the most impressive spiders I’ve ever seen. This park was like a gothic animal kingdom. Click here to check out the photos from our visit there.


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