Salon on Narnia

Head over to for a decidedly non-Christian perspective of the upcoming film “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. Even though some may disagree with the piece, it’s always interesting and informative to see how this type of movie release affects those outside the Christian perspective. Also, for a decidedly “Christian” view of the movie, there is a fairly interesting lecture regarding this film at the Veritas Forum website. I’ve read both the article and have listened to the Veritas lecture and I think there is one issue where they would both agree: C.S. Lewis himself would, more than likely, not be very enthusiastic about the release of this movie. Although I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’d have to say I agree with Lewis.


5 thoughts on “Salon on Narnia

  1. I’ve seen some of those same allusions to the fact that Lewis wouldn’t have been excited about it. I’m a big fan of enjoying books and letting some of the imagery be left to the imagination. At the same time…I love movies.

    All the same, I don’t think Lewis could have possibly imagined how technology would be shaping movies as we are today. To say he wouldn’t want his movie made by mid-20th century standards is not an equal comparison to how movies are made now. The Tolkien trilogy showed how well the fantasy genre can now be adapted to the large screen.

    I’ll see it….but I’m planning to reread the book first.

  2. I wonder if it was the lack of ability that movie studio had in Lewis’ time to achieve a “believable” realization of the world Lewis wrote about. Or I wonder if it were for some reason completely different than that. What if C.S. Lewis didn’t want anyone to associate the images of the movie to the characters and setting other than the ones that the readers would have forged in their unique imaginations when reading the story? Every time we think of Frodo or Gollum, we all have the same exact image in our mind of Elijah Wood and some computerized cartoon. When we visualize Gandalf, it will always be Ian Mckellen we see in a white robe and a beard. This is not to say that movies like the Lord of the Rings and the upcoming L., W. and the W. aren’t great achievements in their own right. But it erases the worlds our imaginations have thought up in response to the written words.

    As a musician, I always feel kind of bummed out at music videos. Even when they are great videos, they still detract from the visual I always enjoy imagining up in my own mind when listening to the music. I can certainly imagine the disappointment of Lewis, regardless of how grand the production may be.

  3. I suppose I see it both ways. I enjoy reading the book first, and having images in my head, then seeing how someone else has put those images together.

    It does cheapen the book somewhat when you see the movie first, and then just carry all that imagery into the book with you.

  4. I always enjoy reading the books first. I love creating the characters in my head. Often, I don’t even see the movies because they leave out so much of what made the book rich.

  5. So… random commenter-stumbled upon your site, this has been something on my mind as of late…
    I attend a small Christian university where this movie has gotten an insane amount of hype. The movie theatre in town was completely sold out all showings the openning night of the movie…
    My first reaction to the knowledge that the movie was coming out was What?! C.S. Lewis would not be down for this. But after thinking about the whole idea more it seems that while he probably would not have had the idea, we simply live in a world that no longer reads and this story is too amazing to not be told. Personally, I love the books too much to see the movie- I don’t want to ruin the characters in my mind- but I have many friends who were introduced to this story simply because of the movies.

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