Billy Pilgrim’s Story

I’m a pretty big fan of the The Diane Rehm Show. If you’re curious, it plays on our local NPR station KJZZ 91.5 FM. She is one of the best interviewers in public radio and she always has covers very interesting topics. On today’s show she discussed Kurt Vonnnegut’s classic novel Slaughterhouse-5. I read this book about 8 years ago and it was the first Vonnegut book I had read. Immediately I fell in love with Vonnegut’s unique and amazing literary voice. This book is truly a classic and I agree with the sentiment that it’s one of the most moving anti-war books in American fiction. Although this book is fiction, it is very much inspired by Vonnegut’s real experience of the Dresden fire-bombing in WW2.

For an hour on the radio show, she invited several guests to remember, discuss, and relate to this great book. If you’ve read this book, then this would be a very worthwhile program to check out in the Diane Rehm Show archive on her website. If you haven’t read this book, then there is really no reason to bother. This book is pretty much irrelevant today. I mean, it’s not like we are getting ourselves involved in useless violence anywhere in the world.


4 thoughts on “Billy Pilgrim’s Story

  1. That is a great book. I read it a long time ago, and while it was not one of the Vonnegut books that left a huge impact on me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know what other Vonnegut you have checked out, but I strongly suggest “Cat’s Cradle” as well. The man had a lot to say, he just had strange ways of saying it.

  2. After listening to said show, I pulled into my local NoValley library and checked out said book. It’s funny (ok, not really) what I thought the book was saying when I last read it over a decade ago…

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