U2 + Vegas = Danger!

Holly and I and a few friends of ours are heading up to Vegas tomorrow to catch the U2 show at the MGM Grand. I’ve seen U2 on every tour since Zoo Tv in 1993 (yes, even the Popmart tour). I’ve got to admit that these U2 ticket prices aren’t in line with the rate of inflation. in 93 my ticket was $30. at the popmart show, late 90s, my ticket was $50. My elevation tour tix were comped so don’t remember the prices then, and the tickets for tomorrow’s show are $200 a piece. tomorrow night will have to be one hell of a show for me to pony up $300 per ticket on the next tour. i’ve got a feeling i’ll be a satisfied customer regardless. U2 tends to have that effect on people, obviously. we do have vip passes for tomorrow so at least the beer will be free. no place like vegas to try and drink $200 worth of free beer.


7 thoughts on “U2 + Vegas = Danger!

  1. yes, nash. your my man and your right! its very expensive. zach, drink much as you can….its FREE….hehehehehhe
    at least you have VIP passes so you can enjoy the show from the first row.

  2. awesome zach, i just watched your show in sydney ( bigdayin2003). great show!!! while you was playing your drums i noticed that you was talking to the direction where mr. marino was staying. can you remember this day? i mean, that was showing me how easily you handle your drums. well, thats your job.

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