Camping (In the Backyard)

[[image:52443307_be5bc491bc.jpg::center:0]]Ava, my daughter, has recently been asking about going camping. She’s just turned 4 and for some reason, she’s latched on to the idea that we need to go camping, make smores and tell “spooky stories” in the tent with the flashlight on. Ava is a very specific little girl and she expects the details to be met, but she never specified “where” we had to camp. So I took the liberty of arranging a little camping trip to the backyard. I’m not sure I’m ready to clue Ava in on the fact that camping traditionally happens in a nature setting like the woods or the mountains or the high dessert. For now, the backyard does the trick but I have the feeling that she’ll figure it all out and the backyard option will be trashed.

I have to say, it was a ton of fun and the whole family was in on the action. Even as our large dog, Rita, walked by the tent, we were able to imagine her shadow as one of a ferocious Bear ready to attack our tent.

Check out more photos of our first family camping trip right here.

4 thoughts on “Camping (In the Backyard)

  1. That is beyond adorable. My niece is exactly that age and I work with Pre-K kids so I definitely understand the “specificity” you allude to. Today at work, a little boy informed me that his spider man doll was to travel in his pants for the rest of the day. When I asked him why, he gave me this look that was the perfect mix of condescension and dumbfoundedness, as if I had asked him why he put food in his mouth instead of under his armpit.

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