The Sacred Way

Thanks to Mark Oestreicher, who I recently hung out with in Sacramento while touring, I received a handful of books in the mail just the other day. One of them is “The Sacred Way” by Tony Jones. I decided to crack this book open first because when I met Mark, I also met Tony. I appreciated the conversation with Tony and figured the book would be something I could latch on to and learn something new.

This paragraph in the first chapter jumped out at me and was also begging to be shared:

“Imagine thinking about spirituality in a time when the words of Jesus had not been picked apart and voted on by the Jesus Seminar; the veracity of Jesus’ miracles had not been analyzed by TIme Magazine; his sexuality had not been the subject of movies and plays. Having not experienced the cynicism of our postmodern age, the ancient saints pursued Jesus with a relentlessness we can hardly imagine-not all of them, to be sure, but enough of them to make the history of Christian spirituality on of the most fascinating fields in historical study.”

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