Karl and James Sitting in a Tree…….

When I read this, I thought to myself how great it is to know that James Dobson and Karl Rove are discussing Supreme Court nominees before the nomination even take place. Is the White House really that stupid? Man, the religious right really must have Dubya by the balls. I’m not sure I want the judges on our supreme court to be “O.K.’d” by a man who feels it’s necessary to call for all christians to boycott Spongebob Squarepants. The new cast of VH-1’s “Surreal LIfe” is starting to shape up nicely in my mind: Harriet Miers, George Bush, Karl Rove, Spongebob, Mr. Crabs, and Robert Novak. Maybe I’ll try to get the local church to petition that idea.


8 thoughts on “Karl and James Sitting in a Tree…….

  1. How soaked in theology am I, you ask? When I read the title to this post, I thought you were going to muse about how Karl Barth and James Cone would disagree…

    ….I need to come back to the real world some times. Hope you’re well.

    – kp –

  2. lns–Here it is in James own words:

    “But while the video is harmless on its own, I believe the agenda behind it is sinister.”

    Thanks for this insightful link, but I stopped reading it after Dr. Jim told me the video was harmless. It seems Dobson has enourmous ammounts of time on his hands if he has to launch a public relations campaign against a video that is, in his own words, harmless.

    I’m not sure what you were trying to infer by giving me this link to check out. One thing it confirmed for me is what a weirdo Dobson is. I don’t think James is concerned about my 4 year old daughter as much as he’s concerned with keeping his “career” in “being against stupid stuff” firmly placed in the media limelight.

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