A terrible year just got worse.

I got home from tour today. I’ve spent most of the day napping and watching t.v. I was channel surfing and came across Oprah introducing Ricky Martin’s musical comeback after 4 years of being away. Oprah called it “breaking news” but I call it just another kick in the stomach while we are all down. Just what we needed, right? First the Tsunami, then the hurricanes Katrina and Rita, then the Tom Delay indictment(actually, that was kinda cool), then an earthquake in Pakistan…..now it’s a damn Ricky Martin “comeback”. We don’t care Ricky. Go away dude and live la vita loca as far away from the rest of us as possible. Here’s to turning off the t.v.

Go Angels!!!!

3 thoughts on “A terrible year just got worse.

  1. Let ’em sing it, dude! Leno needs some new material. And I’m right along with you rooting for the Angels, my hometown team!!!

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