Thank God for Jim Wallis

I just want to say that this Pat Robertson garbage has been so played out. All the outrage and energy towards this whole thing makes me just want to scream at the top of my lungs, “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!!!!” Anything Pat Roberston does or says should be completely ignored and his comments about assassinating another human being should come as no suprise whatsoever. The most bizare thing that has come out of all this isn’t even Robertson’s comment. It’s the fact that there are “leaders” from a more “centrist” “evangelical” perspective going on t.v. and giving Robertson a complete free pass. In some cases, they defend Robertson’s right to voice his opinion on the matter of assassinating the elected leader of a democratic nation.

In moments like this, I thank God for Jim Wallis and his willingness to actually call out other Christian leaders when defending such evil ideas. It’s great that Wallis, who is a fairly well-known Christian leader in America, can be a voice of accountability for the pharisees like Robertson, Dobson, Falwell, who all tend to dominate the area of religous “headlines” in this country. I would encourage anyone who reads this blog to not post on their blogs about how repulsive Pat Roberston is. If your readers don’t know that by now, they’re probably writing a check to 700 Club or they’re on the plane to Venezuala to pull the trigger themselves. Instead, post link to Jim Wallis’ attempt to bring a voice of much needed accountability to this issue. The more we can prop someone like Wallis up in this conversation, the better chance we have of drowning out the heresy of those like Robertson love to propogate.

You can read Jim Wallis’ plea to the Christian community here at the website. Thanks to Mike for the heads up on this article.


11 thoughts on “Thank God for Jim Wallis

  1. Thanks for the heads up to Wallis’ plea. He finished up nicely…

    “It’s time to name Robertson for what he is: an American fundamentalist whose theocratic views are not much different from the “Muslim extremists” he continually assails. It’s time for conservative evangelical Christians in America, who are not like Islamic fundamentalists or Robertson, to distance themselves from his embarrassing and dangerous religion.”

  2. I was reading his ‘apology’ that he issued the other day. I don’t remember the quote exactly but he said something to the effect of ‘give 700 Club more money because the media is going to take what I said out of context, and we need money to refute what they say’. I thought that was special. A shameless plug.

    And speaking of shameless plugs, I’m wondering if you’d be up for an interview for my blog when you come to my neck of the woods (either Lawrence or Columbia). You posed some great thoughts on secular music, I’m wanting to get some more thoughts on that and secular entertainment in general, and possibly some other similar subjects. I’ve never interviewed a musician, it could be interesting.

  3. This may be an over-generalization, but the media tends to interview people who are practically guaranteed to make a statement, or cause a ruckus. Pat Robertson has never let them down.

    The only way they’ll consider talking to another source is if the general public ignores the extreme opinions and gives them someone rational, like Jim Wallis. I agree, post the link to Jim Wallis’s statement wherever you can. Hopefully everyone can refrain from giving Pat Robertson any more attention than he really deserves.

  4. I wish I could be as optimistic about Jim Wallis’ standing in the Christian collective mind as you are, Zach, but I don’t know how many main-line Christians really know who he is… And, I’d bet that the ones who do think of him as more of an “extremist” than anything Pat Robertson would ever say.

    The fact remains that people do need to stand up for the true “values” of the Christian faith. These “free passes” have got to stop… And soon.

  5. tim, who else do we have who has entered the issue that would be better suited than Wallis? I agree with you that it’s a long shot, but like you said, the free passes have to stop. but how and who?

  6. The best line from his column: Then he said that “taking out” Chavez might not require killing him, and perhaps kidnapping a duly elected leader would do. But Robertson does now say that using the word “assassination” was wrong and that he had been frustrated by Chavez – the old “my frustration made me say that somebody should be killed” argument.

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